Unemployment Benefits Extended

New bill extends unemployment benefits for 13 weeks

The President has signed into law H.R. 2642, “The Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2008.”

Title IV of the bill authorizes an extension of unemployment insurance (UI) benefits. Individuals may be eligible for 13 weeks of extended benefits if they: (1) are fully or partially unemployed after July 5, 2008, (2) have exhausted their benefits in their regular UI claim, and (3) are ineligible to file a new claim.

The extension will be available to workers in all states, and can be used on top of the 26 weeks of benefits that typically are available. The maximum benefit is equal to the lesser of: (a) 50% of the maximum benefit that individuals received on their regular UI claim, or (b) 13 times the weekly benefit amount on their regular claim.

Extended benefits will be available through the week that begins June 29, 2009. The provision was included as part of an emergency war spending bill.