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Nonprofit Tax Service by Mike Habib, EA

Nonprofit organizations play a crucial role in society, offering valuable services and advocacy. However, managing tax compliance can be a significant challenge due to the complex nature of tax laws and regulations. This article explores common tax compliance issues faced by nonprofits and how an Enrolled Agent (EA) can help resolve these problems, with references to relevant Internal Revenue Code (IRC) sections, preparation, planning and compliance requirements.

1. Understanding the Importance of Maintaining Tax-Exempt Status
One of the primary concerns for any nonprofit is maintaining its tax-exempt status under IRC Section 501(c)(3). This status exempts nonprofits from federal income tax on their earnings related to their exempt purpose. However, failure to comply with the regulations can result in the revocation of this status.

Common Compliance Issues:

Failure to file the annual return (Form 990) leading to automatic revocation of tax-exempt status as stipulated under IRC Section 6033(j).
Engaging in excessive unrelated business income (UBI), which is taxable under IRC Section 511.
Participating in political campaigns or substantial amounts of lobbying, which are restricted under IRC Section 501(c)(3).
Resolution through an Enrolled Agent:
An EA can assist nonprofits in navigating these regulations by ensuring timely and accurate filing of Form 990 and advising on activities that may jeopardize their tax-exempt status. They can also help in planning and reporting UBI to avoid potential taxes and penalties.

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I have to start by stating that this “Final Notice notice of intent to levy and notice of your rights to a hearing, please respond immediately” is one of the most important and urgent IRS notice a taxpayer may receive, and although it is so important as it would lead to levying your bank accounts, paychecks etc., many taxpayers unintentionally ignore it. You MUST attend to this Final levy notice right away as it comes with rights to appeal and resolve your unresolved tax debt. Learn more about CDP collection due process and form 12153.

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What is an IRS CP14 notice?

An IRS CP14 notice is a letter sent to taxpayers who owe money to the IRS. The notice will state the amount of tax due, as well as interest and penalties. The IRS will also provide instructions on how to pay the amount due.

What does the IRS CP14 notice look like?

The IRS CP14 notice is a white letter with a blue header. The letter will be addressed to the taxpayer and will include the taxpayer’s Social Security number or taxpayer identification number. The notice will also include the following information:

The amount of tax due
The amount of interest and penalties
The due date for payment
Instructions on how to pay

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Types of IRS tax problems and how to resolve them

There are many types of IRS tax problems that individuals and businesses may encounter. Some common tax problems include:

Failing to file a tax return: If you fail to file a tax return (1040, 1120, 1065, 941, etc.), you may be subject to penalties and interest for failure to file and for any unpaid taxes.

Owing back taxes: If you owe back taxes, personal income tax, corporate income tax, or employment 941 payroll tax, the IRS may take enforcement action, such as placing a lien on your property or garnishing your wages and levying your bank accounts.

Incorrect tax returns: If you make mistakes on your tax return, you may owe additional taxes, penalties, and interest. Amending your tax returns could correct these errors.

Disputing a tax bill: If you disagree with a tax bill, you can file an appeal with the IRS.

Tax evasion: Tax evasion is the deliberate attempt to avoid paying taxes. It is a federal crime punishable by fines and imprisonment.

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Amending and or correcting a US corporate 1120 or 1120S business tax return (1120X), there are many reasons to do so: Corporate business returns often require amendments to correct errors or to claim overlooked income, deductions or tax credits after the filing of the returns, if located in Los Angeles, CA or other city.

The process of correcting business corporate returns 1120 or 1120S requires different types of amended forms and an understanding of the refund procedures as well as possible additional tax obligations. Business taxpayers should timely correct and amend their corporate business tax returns to assure inaccuracy of penalties being assessed, and of course to avoid a possible audit and its significant impact on you the taxpayer.

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If you are an individual or a business taxpayer who is facing tax problems, you can end your nightmare now. Our tax firm assists, helps and represents taxpayers facing tax problems such as unfiled tax returns, unpaid delinquent back taxes, IRS and state audits, payroll 941/940 problems, tax levies, liens, garnishments and other collection issues.

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Amending and or correcting a US individual 1040 income tax return (1040X), there are many reasons to do so: correcting filing status of the taxpayers, which if not corrected, would result in incorrect total income reported, tax deductions and tax credits. Taxpayers should timely correct and amend their personal tax returns to assure inaccuracy of penalties being assessed, and of course to avoid a possible audit and its significant impact on you the taxpayer, if located in Los Angeles, CA or other city.

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One of the most important aspects of a company to the small business owner or operator is the financial, accounting side. It is very important to know the financial condition of your business. For most businesses, this falls on the Accounting department. For smaller businesses, where there is not an option, a CPA or EA firm may be a better choice.

A CPA or Certified Public Accountant, or EA Enrolled Agent is a specially trained professional who knows all of the necessary rules and regulations regarding business finances. This includes the very important topic of taxes (preparation, planning and representation). This article is designed to discuss the benefits of hiring and working with a Los Angeles CPA and or an EA. Below will be some frequently asked questions that cover the benefits of using an EA or a CPA for your small business finances.

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Tax Help? IRS – FTB – CDTFA – EDD tax help.

We provide specialized tax & accounting service for individuals and or businesses facing IRS or State tax problems such as:
– Back Taxes 
– Tax Levy – we release wage and bank levies
– Tax Audits
– Tax Appeal
– Unfiled Tax Returns – 1040, 1120, 1065
– Negotiated Tax Settlements
– Tax Liens
– Offer in Compromises
– Tax Planning & Tax Preparation
– Employment 941/940 Payroll Tax Problems/Disputes
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Preparation – Planning – Representation – Special situation advisory

Americans living abroad, expatriates, are not immune from having to pay US Federal Income Tax and even some states do as well. Unfortunately, there are some people who mistakenly think that as soon as they leave the United States that they are no longer responsible for paying taxes. They soon discover that is not the case when they receive a letter from the IRS stating that they are delinquent on filing their taxes. These are times that having US Expat tax help, by CPA, EA, or tax attorney, would really come in handy.

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