Tax Debt Relief

Tax Debt Relief

Mike Habib, EA

If you failed to file your returns and the IRS is already calling your attention so you can pay for back taxes, you need to seek tax debt relief. These back taxes are derived from the SFR (Substitute For Return) filings that the IRS files if you cannot do it yourself. The returns are made from income notifications like the W-2 that your employer files with your social security number. You will need professional assistance to resolve the issue especially if your returns were provided to the SFR of the government for some period of time yet marked by too much debt that you have ignored. Tax debt relief often requires the help of a professional attorney, but you can still rely on an Enrolled Agent licensed by the IRS to help you solve your debt in taxes.

Why you need help from an Enrolled Agent

As long as you have problems with the IRS, you and your loved ones will greatly be affected emotionally, physically, and financially. Compared to credit card debt and other forms of debt, IRS problems are difficult to ignore because they will always go after you until you finally address them. This means that unless you settle your tax debts, the IRS will not leave you alone. If you do not want the hassle of being harassed just because of your tax debt, go for tax debt relief with the help of an Enrolled Agent, a person who is authorized by the Treasury Department of the US to represent you before the IRS.

Asking help from an Enrolled Agent allows you the ability to handle tax debt relief well with the promise of successful results. Since you are being helped by an expert, you can gain all the information you need regarding the matter to have a better understanding about it. The Enrolled Agent will represent you before the IRS.

More benefits

Compared to other tax professionals, Enrolled Agents are “The Tax Experts” and they are the only ones who are granted the right to practice regardless of the state where they are based in. Attorneys and CPAs are only granted permission according to the state where they are licensed, so the Enrolled Agent can help you in tax debt relief in more ways than other professionals. Also, the Enrolled Agent will represent, advise, and prepare your tax returns.

Never meet with the IRS

There are many solutions for tax debt relief and an Enrolled Agent can present you with the best ones. However, it is up to you to decide on which route to take when it comes to solving your tax problems. Still, do not worry because an Enrolled Agent can guide you all the way, and the best part is, you will not have to face the IRS yourself. He will do all the talking and negotiating for you.

Solutions for tax debt relief

Let Mike Habib, an Enrolled Agent help you out achieve tax debt relief. As an EA, he specializes in helping both businesses and individuals solve every tax problem with the IRS that they are facing. With more than 20 years of experience in financial advisory and taxation, Mike Habib has helped a lot of individuals and companies ranging from small businesses and even those belonging to the Fortune 500 companies. Get in touch with him by calling for a free consultation at 1-877-788-2937. You can also explore this website for more information on tax debt relief.