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Chicago, IL Taxpayer Rights Power of Attorney – Representing individuals and businesses before the IRS

If you are facing a tax audit, IRS tax levy to back tax help to unfiled tax returns and more, the Chicago tax attorney is here for your need. The qualified tax lawyer can handle all legal matters related to taxes as well as assist businesses when it comes to properly filling out their tax forms. Here is a sampling of the services provided by the Chicago tax lawyer. Did you receive an IRS or state tax lien notice, letter, postcard or phone call?

  • Back Tax Help
  • Innocent Spouse Tax Relief
  • IRS Help
  • IRS Tax Audit Representation
  • Tax Debt Settlement
  • Tax Negotiations & Resolution
  • IRS tax levy and lien release Help
  • Penalty Abatement
  • 941 Payroll Tax Problem Help & More

Get reliable IRS representation, call 877-788-2937.

IRS local office in Chicago, IL for audits, examinations, collections and appeals:

230 S. Dearborn St.

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The City of Chicago covers an area over 140,000 acres and sits 578 feet above sea level on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan. The city is traversed by the Chicago and Calumet rivers. Chicago’s extensive parklands, including over 7,000 acres of city parks attracts over 80 million visitors annually.

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You can also find assistance with wage garnishment release, IRS appeal and so much more. The Chicago tax attorney will provide you with the best in professional tax assistance needed to ensure that you get the best service possible with your tax issues. Did you receive an IRS or state tax lien notice, letter, postcard or phone call?

Where to Find a Good Chicago Tax Attorney?

There are a number of qualified tax lawyers who practice in the greater Chicago area. The main challenge is simply narrowing the field down to the one who is best suited for your particular needs. One easy way to start is by getting a recommendation from a trusted, professional source such as your banker, accountant, or lawyer. If you do not have such a source, the next step is checking with the local bar association for current tax attorneys who practice in the region.

The Right Qualifications

You will want to use a properly qualified Chicago tax attorney who has the following qualifications;

  • Currently Licensed
  • Juris Doctor (J.D.)
  • Proper Credentials with Florida Bar Association

There are a number of additional qualifications such as having a Master of Law in taxation which shows that they have had additional training in the field. If you are just starting up a business, then having a Chicago tax attorney who is also a certified public accountant can be very helpful in getting your tax returns in order.

For individuals who have a specific need such as IRS representation or handing unfiled tax returns, you should look for the tax lawyer that offers the specific services you need. Generally, this is listed on their website or a quick phone call will let you know if they specialize in that particular field.

Selecting the Best Chicago Tax Attorney

Once you have winnowed the field down to two or three, the next step is calling for a free consultation. Most attorneys in general will offer a free consultation over the phone, so tell them about your issues and hear what they can do about it. From that information, you should be able to select the best Chicago tax lawyer for your particular needs.

For individuals, the services provided by a tax lawyer will come in handy when you need representation in court. For businesses, building up a long term relationship with a proven Chicago tax attorney will be very beneficial from sorting and filing your taxes so that they comply with the law.

Did you receive an IRS or state tax lien notice, letter, postcard or phone call?

Get reliable IRS representation, call 877-788-2937.

Tax problem resolution and tax relief in Chicago, Aurora, Elgin, Joliet, Naperville, Cook County, Lake County, DuPage County, Kane County, Will County, Gary Indiana, other cities in Illinois.

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Mike Habib, enrolled agent represents taxpayers in greater Chicago, IL area, and his boutique tax representation firm is “A rated” by the BBB Better Business Bureau. His firm has been designated as an ELP (endorsed local provider) from 2012 to 2019 by Dave Ramsey, who is a well-known public figure and an extremely popular national radio personality who is known for his personal money-management expertise.

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