CP 504 Help: What you need to know if you receive one in the mail

The IRS or Internal Revenue Service has a singular purpose as part of the Federal Government, it is designed to collect and account for all of the tax dollars owed to the government. The IRS derives all of its power from the United States Tax Code and all actions that they take are done so using many different notices and forms. One of those forms is the CP 504 notice and it has to do with IRS Tax Levy.

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IRS Notice CP 504 Form Help

The IRS takes its responsibility for collecting taxes extremely seriously and they have been known to be very unforgiving, to put it mildly. When it is determined that a person or business has failed to pay the required amount of taxes, the IRS can take a number of different actions. The most serious is when they decide to use the power of an IRS Tax Levy to collect back taxes.

All actions that are taken by the IRS are done so in writing, they will not call or use electronic communications such as email or text messages. The IRS uses specific forms in order to correspond with taxpayers and every form has a number that corresponds with the Tax Code. This specific article deals with the IRS form called the notice CP 504 help.

This form is filled out by an IRS officer, or automated collection service, and sent to the addressed taxpayer. The notice CP 504 form is used to inform a taxpayer that they have an unpaid tax balance on their account and the IRS intends on placing a levy (seizure of assets for the purpose of satisfying a tax debt) on your current year’s State Tax refund.

How to avoid being penalized when receiving an IRS CP 504 Form

First and foremost, never take it too lightly if you happen to receive an IRS notice CP 504 form in the mail. Get reliable help, you really need to address it as quickly as possible to ascertain the extent on your indebtedness. Find some good, sound tax representation advice and determine if it fits in with your personal or business tax case. If you have the ability to either pay off the total balance owed in your account, you should strongly consider going ahead and pay off the total amount owed, if not there are settlement options such as installment agreements and offer in compromise.

Where to find help after receiving an IRS Notice CP 504 Form

Our tax representation firms helps taxpayers in most cities and towns across America, we specialize in helping individuals and businesses with tax controversy issues. BEWARE of other companies (they advertise heavily on TV, Radio & Internet) are referred to as Advertisers / Tax Defenders and they are normally made up of sales people to sell you on their phantom service, they are not tax  professionals with a background in a number of skills; CPA accounting, tax law attorneys, and IRS enrolled agents.

Taxpayers purposely seek us out, as we have extensively worked with the IRS, and have intimate knowledge of how the IRS operates. We are skilled in tax law and have experience being in front of IRS agents and or officers. Having a strong combination of all of the above-mentioned representatives makes for a really good representation force to have been you in the event you happen to receive an IRS CP 504 form from the IRS.

Your best help if you were to receive an IRS notice CP 504 Form in the mail is to first calm down and resist the temptation to totally panic. Call us at 877-788-2937 for a free case evaluation, start putting together a game-plan.

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