Don’t make your tax problem WORSE

Don’t make your tax problem WORSE by hiring the wrong firm. You hear the tax relief advertisements on TV, radio and internet of these unknown companies promising that they can eliminate your tax debt and settle for “pennies on the dollar”. These tax relief companies claim to be the biggest, largest, etc. You end up speaking to an unlicensed sales person, not a lawyer, EA or CPA that puts so much pressure on you to pay them and hire them; I call them sales organizations as they are not tax or law firms, but scammers that prey on innocent taxpayers like you.

Watch out! Don’t fall for scams and make your exiting tax problem even worse.

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Tax problems are usually normal civil matter, like back taxes, unfiled delinquent returns, and audit from the IRS and state tax agencies such as FTB, EDD and CDTFA formerly the BOE.

Very few tax or law firms specialize in this niche area of tax representation and controversy problem resolution. Our firm led by Mike Habib has the specialized skill set, know-how and actual experience to represent you in these several aspects:

  1. Collections Defense IRS-FTB-EDD-CDTFA-BOE – Usually you owe unpaid back taxes, and or have not filed your tax returns for few years, here we focus is on protecting you and your legal rights, using all legal options and ethical tools available to settle the tax debt which is owed in as reasonable, manageable manner as possible, especially striving to abate or mitigate penalties and avoid the unpleasant enforced collection techniques available to the tax agencies such as levies, garnishments and liens.
  2. Audits and Examinations Defense IRS-FTB-EDD-CDTFA-BOE – from the standard routine audit to the very sensitive and complex audits, Mike Habib represent individual and business clients who need timely, effective and efficient representation delivered in a very professional, yet practical way to protect the taxpayer and get them what they are entitled to by law. Appeals Conferences, most underutilized option by other firms, when necessary, are pursued with unmatched zeal and focus on protecting the taxpayer and preserving their rights and remedies should tax court become necessary.

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I am glad you are reading this post, as the tax or law firm you choose does make a big difference, choose wisely and do not rush into other companies that do not specialize in effectively resolving your particular tax problem, once and for all.

Serious tax problems need the very best representation firm, Mike Habib personally represent all his clients before all administrative levels of the IRS and state tax agencies.

Our clients hire us to get their case resolved in a timely and efficient matter and for the least possible cost. Most cases are on a value flat fee basis, and not hourly.

Your tax matter is high stakes tax problem, don’t let the IRS-FTB-EDD-CDTFA-BOE ruin your life, get proper representation by calling us at 877-788-2937.

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