FTB Audit Representation by California State Taxing Authority

In case you were not aware of what the FTB is, it is the California board that is responsible for collecting all of the personal income tax and business franchise taxes that are assessed every year for people and companies in California. Formed in 1950, the board replaced the original Franchise Tax Commissioner that was created by the original California Constitution.

The board uses several methods to collect owed taxes. The most frustrating method is the audit and if you receive an exam notice in the mail, you better take it seriously. This should include your right for CA FTB Audit representation. Our tax representation firm can help you get the best possible outcome from your audit.

The CA FTB is made up of three individuals that hold specific positions in the state government. The people who have these three positions are who make up the Franchise Tax Board; California State Controller, Chair of the Board of Equalization, and Director of the Department of Finance.

Betty T. Yee (State Controller)

Malia M. Cohen (Chair of the Board of Equalization)

Joe Stephenshaw (Director of the Department of Finance)

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What is the CA FTB and what does it do?

The California Franchise Board is responsible for collecting all the personal and business state income taxes owed by every business or person who resides or does not even reside in California. They are also tasked with auditing and collecting all franchise taxes assessed on all companies that do business in the state of California. They also assume the collection responsibilities for the Department of Motor Vehicles for those drivers who fail to register their vehicles on time.

They have total authority to do what it takes to collect all of the personal and franchise taxes that every person or company owes the state. They have developed a pretty ruthless reputation for being one of the toughest collection agencies in the world. Some say their tactics rival those of the IRS.

Reasons why you should have FTB Audit Representation

One of the most powerful tools that the CA FTB has at its disposal is auditing taxpayers. They use it to gather information from you and to inform you of what they already know about your tax situation. During the audit, the CA FTB auditor is looking to find anything on your tax return in the case of an individual or the review of your books & records in the case of a business. Fortunately, California law allows all parties that have been summoned before the CA FTB for an audit the right to have a legal representative present on their behalf.

Top 3 reasons why you need to have representation during an FTB Audit

The law allows representation – While for the most part audits conducted by the CA FTB have become mostly routine. However, that should not preclude you from taking advantage of having someone represent you on your behalf during the audit.

They are experienced in dealing with the CA FTB – Hiring a tax representation firm gives you access to experienced enrolled agents, CPAs, lawyers that have years of experience working with the CA FTB. Since they will know what you can expect when the audit is taking place, they can help you be prepared in advance. This can include a pre-audit review of all of your tax information to ensure that you are ready for the audit.

They are trained in all of the changing tax laws – Just like with the Federal Tax Code, the California Tax Code is constantly changing. This makes it necessary for CPAs, lawyers, enrolled agents to constantly update their knowledge to be able to help their clients. This makes them the perfect person to have as your representative when called for a CA FTB Audit.

Final Thoughts – Seeking Help?

The California Franchise Tax Board has the sole responsibility of collecting all personal state income taxes and franchise taxes owed by all individuals who reside in California full or part time and for companies doing business in California. They have a reputation for being one of the world’s worst tax collection entities in the world.

Fortunately, the California Tax Code makes it possible that anyone who is summoned to appear before the board for an FTB Audit has the right to be represented by a legal representative. This is why you should hire our tax representation firm if you receive a CA FTB Audit notice in the mail. We will be sure that you are properly prepared to go through the audit and ensure that you get the best possible result. Our Whittier, Los Angeles based firm is headed by Mike Habib, EA who has many years of experience representing taxpayers before of the CA FTB.

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