FTB Unpaid Back Tax Help: FTB calling delinquent taxpayers

The FTB is implementing an automated dialer to make outbound collection calls to individual income-tax taxpayers in an effort to prevent collection actions such as tax liens, bank levies, and wage garnishments. The state FTB tax agency will implement a similar system for business entities in September 2012.

Taxpayers who did not respond timely to their final collection notice may receive a call with a broadcast message that guides them through steps to resolve their case via the FTB’s web and Interactive Voice Response self-service options.

A taxpayer who is already in the collections process may receive a call that directs him or her to a state FTB collector who will help resolve the case through several payment options. If the dialer doesn’t connect with a taxpayer, it leaves a message asking the taxpayer to call back.

Taxpayers who feel they have been contacted in error may call the FTB at (888) 895-8125.

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