IRS enforcement in tax collection and tax audit activity is on the rise

IRS Oversight Board Annual Report 2007 is now available – see more details below Mike Habib, EA As you can see from the report below, the IRS places “<span as their TOP priority, that will involve enforcement of their collection activity of back taxes owed, and enforcement of their tax audit activity. The IRS must strive to achieve the standard of “great” performance and settle for nothing less, the IRS Oversight Board said in its latest annual report. The board called for “breakthrough” agency performances in four areas taxpayer service, enforcement, human capital and information technology. For example, to enhance customer service, IRS must continually assess taxpayer needs and implement education and outreach services tailored to the needs of specific taxpayer groups, the board said. IRS also must apply the results of its research efforts to improve its enforcement activity. In addition, the agency must address the loss of unique skills and institutional knowledge that results from the normal retirement rate of some 4,000 employees annually. “The board has challenged the IRS to rise to an unprecedented level of performance in all parts of its mission,” said Paul Cherecwich, chairman of the board. “It will not be easy and there are no givens. But the board firmly believes that today’s IRS is up to the task and the end results will be worth the journey and the hard work.” The annual report can be found at