IRS-FTB-EDD-CDTFA-BOE Tax Audit, Back Tax, Representation, Resolution Cost and Fees

The first thing you need if you are facing IRS-FTB-EDD-CDTFA-BOE Tax Audit, or owe back taxes and need a settlement option, is to seek a tax representation firm [tax resolution firm] that specializes in resolving tax problems and controversy matters. Then you can inquire about the fees and cost of service.

Only an EA enrolled agent, tax attorney / lawyer, or CPA certified public accountant can represent you as a power of attorney.

BEWARE of the sales organization companies that heavily advertises on TV, Radio and Internet. Don’t fall for scams! Read our popular beware report HERE.

Not all tax or law firms specialize in audits, appeals, back tax settlement relief, resolution and representation.

Hire and retain the right firm from the first time, understand the fee, cost structure, if hourly or flat fee.

Our tax resolution firm is a tax representation firm, we represent taxpayers before ALL administrative levels of the IRS-FTB-EDD-CDTFA-BOE.

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You also should consider the over all value of the resolution firm you retain, our value is that we provide all inclusive service, once we are retained, we will resolve your tax matter for the least possible tax due allowed by law, and also for the best value fee and cost to you. Since we exclusively handle tax audits, appeals, back taxes, delinquent filers, 941 payroll employment issues, our production per hour is substantially more than many other firms. I have seen firms billing 40-60 hours on projects we can efficiently conclude in 10-20 hours. The representation industry’s hourly fees cost from $200-$600, many tax law specialists charge $700-$1,500 per hour, we always give you a flat fee option.

Tax attorneys, CPAs, and EAs can be your power of attorney, attorney-in-fact before the IRS.

Most of our clients are on a flat fee, cost basis, that fee is quoted upfront based on the scope of work needed to represent you before the IRS-FTB-EDD-CDTFA-BOE .

No 2 taxpayers are alike, or would have similar circumstances, so the representation fee and cost samples are just examples.

Here is a sample of representation, resolution fees, cost:

Individual 1040 IRS audit for 2016, schedule A deductions: the fee would be $2,000-$4,000 depending on the complexity.

Individual 1040 IRS audit for 2016, schedule A deductions, Schedule C sole proprietor business, the fee, cost would be from $3,000-$5,000 depending on the complexity.

Business 1120 corporate IRS audit for 2016: the fee, cost starts at $5,000, depending on the complexity.

Back Tax Settlements: PPIAs, partial pay installment agreement, IAs, installment agreement, OIC, offer in compromise sample:

Individual taxpayer with 3 years of $40k in back taxes, the cost fee is generally around $3,000, larger resolution cases with higher amounts due usually involve an IRS revenue officer, these usually cost higher and start at $5,000 for most cases.

Business taxpayer with $40k employment 941 payroll back taxes, revenue officer assigned, or in queue, the fee, cost usually starts at $5,000 for full resolution, more complex cases cost more but the peace of mind relief is priceless.

Hiring the right resolution firm is so important, that’s how you minimize the cost of representation. My recent client, EM, is a former tax lawyer himself, he retained my firm after he did his research, due diligence and found that we were the best fit to resolve his large 7 figure balance with the IRS that involved SFRs, proposed balances, revenue officer and other issues.

Hire a licensed professional, Enrolled Agent, Tax Lawyer / Attorney, or a CPA certified public accountant.

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