IRS Levies on the rise despite the recession

IRS wage garnishment levy and IRS bank levy tax relief

Collecting tax revenue in the face of recession has been – and will continue to be – a challenge for the IRS. There is an increase in the number of taxpayers unable to pay their back taxes due to loss of main income and other such economic hardships. Are you one of these people? Don’t worry – there’s IRS collection help, wage and bank levy release, and other tax relief assistance available for you from this website. Mike Habib has the expertise to help affected taxpayers like you defend their rights and take advantage of the appropriate IRS tax relief options.

Wage and bank levy release

When wage garnishment, wage levy occurs, the employer keeps a sizeable part of an employee’s salary or wage in order to pay the employee’s tax debts. So what debts qualify for a wage garnishment? The most common ones are unpaid taxes, unpaid court fines, child support, unpaid student loans, and many more. If the person has more than one debt, then there is a big chance that his salary won’t be able to cover them all. What the employer does is to prioritise which debt demands solutions first. In most cases, of course, the federal tax would be paid first.

A tax levy (more commonly known as IRS bank levy, or IRS wage levy) is another collection procedure that forces “wilful compliance” on the IRS’ part. The IRS can seize your possessions, whether you like it or not. Everything from your bank account, your car, or even your home can be seized in order to pay off your back taxes. Tax levy is typically a last resort after all methods have been exhausted. You have 30 days to reach a collection agreement with the IRS before they can start seizing your assets. The only instances when the IRS cannot issue a levy are (a) when you file for bankruptcy, or (b) if you are awaiting a court decision regarding a possible payment alternative.

Wage garnishments, bank levies and tax liens not only affect your chances of qualifying for loans; it can also put your reputation in jeopardy and make it difficult for you to seek employment in the future. If you do not know your rights, you are at a disadvantage.

Luckily, tax expert Mike Habib can arrange for a wage and bank levy release. Avoid the stressful – not to mention humiliating – ordeal of these IRS collection tactics. We can stop the wage garnishment and stop the bank levy. He has years of successful experience in IRS collection help. Mike Habib knows your rights as a taxpayer, and he can help. Stop further collection action and call our tax help line now at 877-788-2937.

Get the tax help you need – now

Obviously, nobody wants to be the target of wage garnishment or a bank levy. However, many US citizens end up being the subject of these humiliating collection tactics because they choose to ignore rather than solve their tax problem. Fortunately, there are viable options that you can turn to in order to achieve tax relief. One of these methods is to seek the help of a qualified tax professional like Mike Habib to obtain that much-needed wage and bank levy release for you.

Licensed by the IRS, Mike Habib has the right experience and qualifications to provide you with the best IRS collection help. The firm takes immediate action because tax problems only get worse the longer you ignore them. Mike Habib will also personally help you organize and file your unfiled tax returns, negotiate an appropriate payment plan for you, obtain release of wage garnishments and tax levies, and seek a negotiated settlement so you can pay off your taxes without being financially ruined for life.

Retaining the services of Mike Habib also prevents you from running into other tax problems in the future, so you can enjoy the rest of your life with peace of mind and financial stability.

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