IRS Problem Solver

IRS Problem Solver – Solutions to tax problems

Tax relief expert and IRS Problem Solver, Mike Habib, states that taxation doesn’t have to be taxing! Your right to deal with the IRS by yourself carries the right to hire and solicit assistance and representation on your behalf. This is what is usually and commonly done, especially because dealing with the IRS is frustrating and intimidating for the normal taxpayer which is the essence of retaining an experienced IRS Problem Solver. The IRS Problem Solver can either be an Enrolled Agent, CPA or Tax Attorney. These tax professionals are commonly known IRS Problem Solvers, Tax Resolution Specialists, or Tax Relief Specialist.

Before knowing what an IRS problem solver is, we must first know what an IRS Problem is. Yes, these are matters relating to problems on taxes or problems encountered with the IRS either because you have back taxes, discovered deficiency in tax payment or Tax Debt, conflicting records of income and expenses when compared to IRS records discovered from other sources such as employers payroll record or other financial institution.

IRS Problem Solver is the remedy, resolution or relief available to you as a taxpayer. This principally involves a special assistance from a tax relief professional to help you in dealing with your tax problem arising from economic needs or plain system problem. IRS problems may also be due to the late or delinquent filing of your tax return or payment of taxes or back taxes discrepancy in the accounting of your return and many more.

Hiring an IRS Problem Solver allows you proper representation before the IRS Collections, IRS Audit and the IRS Appeals are allowed to deal with your representative and adjust, settle and resolve your IRS problems with them instead of you dealing with the tax problem on your own. Going DIY, do it yourself, is not advisable as this is like the case of Goliath vs. David. The IRS personnel are very knowledgeable in their field and usually reach arrangements with the taxpayer directly that are not favourable to the taxpayer as the taxpayer is unaware of their options and rights under the complex tax laws. IRS employees are more schooled and skilled in the art of taxation and tax enforcement is their business which ends up trapping and destroying the weaker taxpayer instead of helping them out on a win-win basis. An experienced IRS Problem Solver would represent you before the IRS, analyze your financial situation and negotiate a reasonable settlement with the IRS on your behalf.

IRS Problem Solvers are tax professionals who are individually licensed by the Federal Government, or by your home State and act as Tax Resolution Specialists. They assist and help in various IRS problems by availing and qualifying taxpayers for the IRS Offer in Compromise program, arranging Installment Plans, removing you from active collections to CNC status (Currently Non Collectible), have the IRS release your wage levy and get your bank levy released and much more. Importantly, IRS Problem Solvers are and can help in the resolution of tax problems not resolved through normal channel or IRS system and procedures.

Thus from the term IRS Problem Solver, there is already a problem and it pinpoints to a fact there is a need to get someone other than yourself to do the problem solving and the problem solver must be well versed in IRS problems and equipped in handling your case for a successful resolution.

Lastly, a word of caution, make sure that you ALWAYS speak with the IRS Problem Solver you hire, make sure he or she is licensed, and experienced in representing taxpayers before the IRS, do not speak with a sales representative, or a tax consultant . Finally, the representative you hire must have an excellent standing with the BBB, Better Business Bureau. Get tax resolution today, call Mike Habib, EA at 1-877-78-TAXES (877-788-2937).