IRS Tax Audits on the Rise

IRS is hiring hundreds of Internal Revenue Agents

The IRS is hiring hundreds of Internal Revenue Agents – It’s a great time to join the agency!

The IRS has begun a major hiring effort to fill hundreds of critical jobs nationwide. Most of these jobs are for internal revenue agent positions (look for series number 0512). At least 30 hours of college-level accounting coursework is required for revenue agent jobs.

When you join the IRS family, you can enjoy federal health benefits, job-skills training and flexible work schedules. You also get the satisfaction of serving your country. Because the IRS is a large agency – with more than 100,000 across the nation — there are many opportunities for career growth.

Revenue agent positions range from entry level (GS-5) to more senior positions (GS-13). GS-5 salaries cover a range from about $30,000 to $45,000 per year; GS-13 salaries range from about $85,000 to $115,000. Your salary depends on your location and how long you’ve served at that level.

Revenue agents are proactive decision makers, working with individual taxpayers, businesses, and the legal and financial communities. They conduct examinations in the field environment, requiring them to travel. They work regularly with taxpayers, their representatives, certified public accountants and tax attorneys. All applicants must undergo a background investigation.