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Not many people want to know or meet an IRS Tax Debt Lawyer or Enrolled Agent if given a choice. However, in times of need, a tax lawyer or an enrolled agent may be the only ones who can bail you out of serious tax trouble.

Who is an Enrolled Agent?

An Enrolled Agent is a tax professional certified and licensed by the IRS who can represent a client in matters relating to tax debts or tax audits and work towards tax debt resolution. An enrolled agent specializes in tax relief and has a deeper understanding of the way IRS operates than other tax professionals such as tax lawyers or attorneys. An IRS Tax Debt Lawyer or Enrolled Agent can help you navigate through the complex tax process and negotiate options of tax relief with the IRS on your behalf.

While you are free to enroll the services of a tax attorney, it may not be required at all. An enrolled agent could provide you with better guidance and services at a fraction of the cost. Tax attorneys are expensive and not everyone can afford them. More often than not, an IRS Tax Debt Lawyer or Enrolled Agent proves to be a better option when resolving tax conflicts and not just for the price.

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What can an Enrolled Agent do for you?

In one line, an enrolled agent can help you with any and all tax debt resolution matters or tax audit resolution and representation before all levels of the IRS.

If you have unpaid back taxes and tax debt, the IRS will initiate strong measures to recover the due taxes. The IRS has the authority to impound all your possessions in order to recover the unpaid tax amount. From garnishing your wages to bank levy, the IRS can plunge you into great financial difficulties.

An enrolled agent can save you from the IRS and help you reach an agreeable resolution to your tax problems. As a taxpayer, you may find communicating with the IRS extremely stressful. An IRS Tax Debt Lawyer or Enrolled Agent will interact with the IRS and represent your case in an appropriate manner. All documentations and negotiations are done through an enrolled agent and can cut down on your stress levels ultimately helping you to reach an agreement in a lesser amount of time.

An enrolled agent can help you with:
Federal Tax Lien release: Once the IRS makes the lien on your property and assets public, your credit ratings will incur severe damages. Getting a mortgage, or an automobile loan or even selling your house would become impossible. An enrolled agent can help to resolve and release your tax lien.
Levy release: The IRS can levy or take away your money and your bank accounts without going to court. An enrolled agent can help you release such levy.
Wage garnishment defense: The IRS can contact your employers and garnish your wages so that the employer pays your wages to the IRS for the taxes due. Again, an enrolled agent can help you defend your wages from the IRS.
Installment agreements: In case it is established that you owe taxes to the IRS, an enrolled agent can negotiate on your behalf to make payments due as installments.
Others: There are several other taxation relief issues, such as Trust Fund Penalties, Penalty Abatement issues, delinquent tax returns, that are taken care of by an enrolled agent.

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An IRS Tax Debt Lawyer or Enrolled Agent, however, will not be able to help you with any form of tax crimes that you may be accused of. In case you are being implicated for tax evasion, fraud and any other serious tax crimes, you may have to take the help to a criminal attorney. For all other matters relating to taxation, including tax debts and penalties, an enrolled agent is the right choice.

Seeking Professional Advice for your Tax Woes
Enlisting the help of a tax professional to sort taxation matters for you may be a good idea and in no way damages your credit ratings or reputation. On the contrary, a tax professional with the specialized knowledge and experience in tax relief can salvage your money and assets from the IRS.

However, it is important for you to know who to approach. While an expensive $500-2000 per hour tax attorney or lawyer can do the same things as an IRS Enrolled Agent, it may not be the correct choice. For matters relating to taxation such as unpaid back taxes, IRS notifications, audits, appeals, levies, etc, it is best to approach an experienced enrolled agent. An enrolled agent is more suited to the task, can provide you good guidance and help you to resolve matters quickly. The charges of an enrolled agent are a lot less than that of a tax attorney and you do not have to worry about the additional legal costs as much.

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Do not wait for an action from the IRS to approach an IRS Tax Debt Lawyer or Enrolled Agent. The sooner you embark to resolve matters, the better off you will be.

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