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An IRS tax problem can do more than keep you up at night with worry. Unresolved tax problems can lead to liens on your home, levies on your bank account and garnishments being taken from your pay. Get IRS tax help today by calling us at 877-788-2937.

The worst thing that you can do is to ignore a tax problem like unfiled tax returns or unpaid back taxes. As time passes, interest and penalties only accumulate, making that tax debt harder and harder to pay. The IRS isn’t just going to forget about the money that you owe them. You need to take action and get tax help to have the matter resolved.

But how to get IRS tax help?

The IRS is willing to work with people to provide tax debt relief. There are programs that are available to help people settle money owed, but the requirements are complex and can be difficult to understand.

Fortunately, there is IRS help available. A registered enrolled agent who is an expert on tax negotiation and resolution can be a trusted IRS tax problem solver. Here are some of the ways that a professional IRS licensed representative can help resolve your tax problem:

  1. By dealing with the IRS for you.

When you have professional tax representation, you won’t have to respond to notices and letters or try to negotiate with IRS agents. A registered agent can act on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry.

  1. By finding the best tax debt relief program for you.

A knowledgeable registered agent understands all of the details of the current tax law. By analyzing your situation, the tax relief professional can determine which program will allow you to settle your debt as quickly and as cheaply as possible.

  1. By helping to stop collections tactics.

A registered enrolled agent can get the IRS to release tax levies and liens and to stop wage garnishments fast. Once the IRS knows that you’re working with a professional to get unfiled tax return or back tax help, they’ll be more willing to work with you. Plus, the IRS will often stop adding penalties and interest once they are contacted by a professional.

  1. By saving you money.

It’s often possible to reach a tax debt settlement that will cost you much less than the amount you owe. Through penalty abatement, penalties and interest that have accumulated can be reduced. Whether you end up with a payment plan or settling with a lump sum, your representative will work hard to get you a settlement that you can afford.

  1. By explaining everything in plain English.

A tax expert will make sure that you understand everything, breaking down complicated tax jargon into simple terms. You’ll fully understand how the IRS problem resolution process works and know what you’ll need to pay, when and how.

Mike Habib, EA, is an IRS licensed enrolled agent who has helped hundreds of people like you with tax negotiation and resolution. If you have a tax problem, Mike can help get the matter settled, so you’ll no longer have the weight of tax debt on your shoulders. To learn more about how Mike can help, call 877-788-2937 now.

IRS TAX HELP by Mike Habib, EA

Taxes are fees or charges imposed by the federal government and the state on its citizens based upon transactions (sale or transfers) or property value to finance government activities. It is the duty of a citizen to pay and file taxes and because various tax laws and codes can be difficult to understand, people often look out for tax help when the tax time rolls around. When faced with huge fines and fees on taxes owed, you really should seek tax help and appeal to the IRS with resolution solutions right for you. Owing back taxes is stressful and can negatively affect every aspect of your life. The crux of the matter is not knowing what may or will happen to you once the IRS has total control over the situation and your assets. As intimidating and scary as the IRS may seem, you do have rights as a taxpayer to seek help and representation and you should not let your rights be trampled or violated. By obtaining tax help from a reputable professional for your back taxes, you can be assured you won’t be taken advantage.

The IRS does not care that you could not pay and will enforce the payment of your tax debt with tax liens and then tax levies. The IRS can levy your wages (take money out of your paycheck), levy your bank account (seize your bank account), and seize your home. It is important to understand that you should not underestimate the IRS, especially if you have not paid for years. There may be good reasons why you haven’t paid back your taxes, but explaining it to the IRS is not as easy as you think. A good professional can file, settle, and resolve your IRS problems. The IRS will use their dominance over you to make the best possible outcome for them, not you so it is best to have a professional on your side.

To learn more about how Mike can help, call 877-788-2937 now.

Getting IRS tax help is easy and tax professionals will make your situation better than you thought it could be. Not only will you be able to settle for less, you may be able to get rid of all those fees and fines that have been assessed and avoid any future ones in the future. You can guarantee, however, that you will not get the best outcome with the IRS if you go alone.

First, when seeking IRS tax help from a tax expert (tax attorney, enrolled agent, CPA), make sure they are knowledgeable, and provide services to help you file, settle, and resolve your IRS back taxes. Some companies may provide some of these services, but it is best to work with one that does them all in order to streamline the process.

Second, an IRS professional will usually bring you a better outcome or settlement then if you went it alone.

Third, communication with the IRS is much easier through a professional because they do this for a living. Getting IRS tax help can be the best thing for you.

For IRS tax help with your tax problem, some American taxpayers qualify for an offer in compromise or OIC. This is when the IRS and the payer reach an agreement that settles all of the tax liability issues that are present at a specific time for a specific period and the IRS accepts a partial payment and dismisses the balance of what is owed.

There are three different types of OIC’s that a taxpayer would have to fall into to qualify for this type of agreement.

The first is classified as to the doubt that the tax is actually collectible. This is when the amount of tax is known and verified by both the payer and the IRS, but the monthly income of the payer prohibits them from paying the full amount of the tax owed. To qualify for this, you must not own any property and be barely making enough money to live on.

The second is that there is some doubt whether the taxpayer is liable for the tax that is owed. This can be done three ways. The tax examiner interpreted the law wrong. The second way was if the tax examiner refused to look at the evidence that was presented to them. The third way is if the taxpayer has new evidence to present showing they are not liable for the tax that has been assessed.

The last is the effective tax administration. This is when paying the undisputed amount of taxes would bring economic hardship to the payer. These are allowed when long-term illness and sickness occurs in the family and the money that does exist is needed for the survival of the family.

An OIC is just one of many ways the IRS tax help can resolve your tax problems. Get professional tax help and let the knowledge of the professionals be your guide through the red tape.

Consulting tax professional or using tax preparation software are two other tax help options. If you are planning to consult a tax professional, then it is better to consult one who is experienced in tax preparation. Approaching trained tax professionals or firms is the easiest way to get tax help. Tax preparation professionals are well aware of the rules and regulations of IRS, and they can easily prepare your tax return while answering all your questions.

Today, many professionals and tax preparation firms have launched tax preparation software, making the job much easier than it used to be. These software programs are created with the user in mind and are designed to be very easy to use. Tax software can handle all the complex calculations. The user only needs to enter the relevant figures and answer some simple questions, while the software does the rest. Before deciding on the right software, it is better to do a thorough research on the Internet and select the one that best suits your needs. Also, do not forget to use the latest version of the software, as tax rules and regulations change frequently.

To learn more about how Mike can help, call 877-788-2937 now.

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