Move from Tax Masters to Real IRS Tax Relief: Former Clients Help

Tax Masters, best known for their ‘innovative’ TV advertisements, promising tax relief to customers has filed for BK bankruptcy in Texas. For clients and or former clients of the company, no doubt, this is a tough time. But it is best to look at this development positively because now you will no longer be taken for a ride by the company’s CEO or their smooth talking sales people.
It is also the best time to hire the services of a reliable, licensed and professional tax representation firm that can provide real IRS tax relief for you such as Mike Habib, EA at

The Tax Masters BBB rating
Tax Masters has been in trouble for sometime now. There have been numerous customer and client complaints (more than 1000, nationwide) who found that the company after taking the fee from them upfront did little or nothing to relieve their back tax issues with the IRS. On the basis of these complaints, the BBB had recently revised the Tax Masters rating to the lowest ‘F’ level. BBB had also issued on their website a warning regarding the company’s current rating and status. Experts recommend that while looking for help with tax issues, it is best to look for a firm with a minimum ‘B’ rating from BBB. Found online at is headed by Mike Habib EA and has the highest ‘A+’ BBB rating, which by itself is very rare in this field and speaks volumes about the quality and professionalism of the service you will receive.

Tax Masters – What Went Wrong?
For former clients, from the details that are emerging now, it is fairly clear that company’s intentions were suspect right from the beginning. While IRS tax help companies do advertise their services on cable and other media, the focus ultimately is the service offered and not the advertisement. Tax Masters in fact spent a lot of money on advertisements, making it difficult to switch on the TV without coming ‘face to face’ with Patrick Cox, Tax Masters Founder and CEO. These advertisements became a rage (some things sometimes get popular for no apparent reason. It is hard to explain why.) And soon more and more people were taken in and started contacting the company. This is when the second point of deception began. Tax Masters employed sales representatives to handle customer calls. These people probably had no tax experience whatsoever and merely read from a script handed over to them.

Expert Views
Experts suggest that when a firm starts making big claims about settling with the IRS for “pennies on the dollar” or promise ridiculous reduction in your unpaid tax amounts, your alarm bells should start ringing. The fact is reduction in tax debt is considered but only under specific circumstances and the figure can be arrived at only after your power of attorney has met with the concerned IRS OIC officer, presented necessary documentary evidence and discussed the matter thoroughly. Any company that guarantees you $XYZ reduction during the first phone call itself is obviously taking you for a ride.

At, Mike Habib, licensed EA and his professional team are well trained in exploring various avenues to resolve the issue of your unpaid or back taxes. They will consider different options like penalty abatement, partial pay agreements, file for CDP or CAP appeal, offer-in-compromise or settlement agreement with the IRS. Each of these options has different implications and is applicable to different situations. Mike Habib and his team are specialized in identifying the option that is best suited for your particular case.

Mike Habib, EA is licensed to practice in all 50 states. If you are former client of Tax masters and wondering ‘what is the best way to proceed forward, now that Tax Masters is bankrupt’, don’t fret any more. Contact Mike Habib and his team promise to offer the best tax relief solutions for you.