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Businesses and individuals in New York metro such as Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island often require professional IRS help to resolve tax related issues. The tax laws, state and or federal tend to be complicated and you rarely have a very good understanding of the laws as they pertain to you or your tax matters. Unfortunately, the IRS has no sympathy for your lack of knowledge and will not accept that as a valid excuse.

IRS help to deal with IRS matters
The Internal Revenue Service (or IRS) is the US government agency responsible for the implementation of the country’s tax laws. And one of the most important duties of the IRS is collection of all federal taxes as applicable. If the IRS suspects that you have not paid what is your rightful due towards taxation, they are within their legal rights to enforce aggressive collection measures. It is best to get professional IRS help at the earliest to deal with your IRS matter effectively and resolve the issues before further escalation.

When do you require IRS help?

It is best to look for professional IRS help, the moment you receive audit summons from the IRS. IRS can select you for an audit and examination of your 1040 and or 1120, if they suspect you of under reporting income or any other form of possible tax evasion. Or your account may have been selected at random for the audit. Whatever the reason, once you have received the IRS communication, the worse thing to do is to ignore it. Surprisingly this is what most people do, hoping it will go away or that it was a mistake. Unfortunately, it won’t go away and the IRS rarely makes a mistake. The smart course of action is to contact a professional enrolled agent to help you. You can call us for a free tax audit consultation at 877-788-2937.

Why Taking Professional IRS Help is the Smart Choice
More often than not, the IRS audit is conducted by correspondence over mail itself and or office exam, or field audit at your business location. You can represent yourself personally, or hire a tax professional to represent you without you present at the audit. The IRS normally requests you to send some supporting documents to clarify certain issues on your tax return. When you seek professional IRS help, your representative can help you get all the required documents together in a timely manner, or guide you on reconstructing your missing records. He will also be able to answer any further inquiries that the IRS has in a satisfactory manner. And you are off the hook if the IRS is satisfied.

If you have more serious tax problems like unpaid tax debt we can negotiate with the IRS for a reasonable resolution and settle your account through an installment based payment plan you can afford, or we can also negotiate an offer-in-compromise or a partial pay agreement with the IRS under certain circumstances that usually reduces the overall amount owed.

Benefits of Seeking Professional IRS Help

By seeking professional IRS help, you can be at peace knowing that a tax relief expert is working to formulate the best response to the IRS and you can focus on your business. More importantly, as a professional Enrolled Agent, we ensure that documentation provided to the IRS is specific to their requirement and not more. You don’t want to give additional information that may prompt another line of inquiries from the tax agency. With timely response to IRS communications, with the help of professional power of attorney, you can avoid the serious IRS tax weapons such as a tax levy, tax lien and wage garnishment.

Visit our tax relief site for the best professional IRS help. Mike Habib, EA, founder is an IRS licensed Enrollment Agent, an ELP Endorsed Local Provider by Former Dave Ramsey ELP 2012-2019, and has the A+ Better Business Bureau rating, the highest in this field. Mike Habib will work with you personally to resolve your issues of unpaid taxes, negotiate the best settlement for back taxes and effectuate an offer-in-compromise with the IRS. The company also undertakes professional IRS audit representation.

Mike Habib, being an EA, can represent individuals and businesses in all the 50 states. So if you require professional IRS help, get in touch with us today. We can help you wherever you are. Get your free IRS tax help consultation by calling 877-788-2937.

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