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Running a business, managing a company is not a child’s play. Apart from being a good CEO or the Head of the Company, there are certain important things you have to figure out and reign in early when you first start your own business or running a company as you need to take care of your employees as well as their salaries thereof. Payroll taxes are the most important of them all. You have to know how to calculate and pay 941 payroll taxes before you set out to hire employees.

Payroll taxes can prove to be a headache for businessmen/CEO. Employers are required to file payroll taxes from an employee’s paycheck. Some are paid by both the businessmen and the employees, while some are the responsibility of the businessmen alone. Though it is not easy to file payroll taxes, you can however hire a professional to get 941 payroll tax help.

What are payroll taxes?
In order to get payroll tax help, you first need to understand what payroll tax is. Payroll tax is just like any other tax levied by IRS. However, it is levied by IRS on employees’ wages, tips, and other compensation. Payroll taxes can be paid by either the employer or the employee, or both.

What are consequences for not filing payroll tax?

Not filing for payroll tax can lead to the closure of a business/Company overnight and lead to criminal actions which may include prison. Your business/Company will be history overnight. The IRS is pretty strict and is growing increasingly aggressive in their attempt to collect 941 payroll tax. If the IRS finds even a tiny bit of negligence on business/Company’s part, it can land your business/Company in big trouble and can cause long-term devastation with penalties that could go up to thousands and millions.

Is there any solution?
Fortunately, there’s a solution to your 941 payroll tax problem. Although you may have hired an accountant for your company or your personal accountant to get payroll tax help, however, it is important to know how these taxes are calculated and paid in order to secure your business/Company. If you are a struggling businessmen/CEO with 941 payroll tax problems and you need to protect the future of your business/Company, you need to get payroll tax help in a professional way. Don’t let the IRS take over your funds and take control of your cash flow.
To find out how you can get 941 payroll tax help and avoid penalties and avoid the long term devastation, just give Mike Habib a call.

How can Mike Habib help you?

Mike Habib has an extensive experience in representing businessmen/employers and their employees in getting payroll Tax help. In addition he is an experienced IRS licensed enrolled agent who works with the IRS to negotiate a payment plan, an offer in compromise, or other solution to get the best 941 payroll tax help. He is also experienced in defending businesses/Companies against forcible collection of payroll taxes set off by the IRS as well as other related payroll tax problems.

Mike Habib works tirelessly day and night to keep your businesses/Companies running. Not only does he help in making you understand your payroll tax obligations but also helps you solve your existing and future payroll tax problems and requirements. Call Mike Habib for a free consultation and learn how he can help you prevent your business from getting into IRS list of defaulters. You can not only call him up but can also send an email to get that payroll tax help. He understands that you are working day and night to keep that business going. For this, he also accommodates his schedule to match yours. That means, you can call him on weekends as well as after hours.

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