Stop your IRS wage garnishment – How to guide for IRS levy release

Want to stop a wage garnishment by the IRS? Do you owe the IRS back taxes?

If you have received multiple collection notices, and ignored all of them, the IRS will end up levying and garnishing your wages and attaching your paycheck. There are ways to stop the garnishment and get the levy released.

The good news is you have options, and you have rights. We can release your wage garnishment and resolve your back taxes for good. Don’t let the IRS ruin your life, especially if you are facing financial, family or medical hardship. The IRS can levy all sources of income, such as social security, pension, W2 company pay, 1099 self employment income and more.

To release your IRS wage garnishment: call us today at 877-788-2937.

We will gather the facts about your tax situation, even if you have not filed your tax returns for years, we can obtain your W2’s, 1099’s etc., prepare your delinquent returns, stop your wage garnishment and release your wage levy while you make small payments to the IRS specially of you are in a financial hardship.

Stopping your IRS wage garnishment is best handled by a professional tax firm, as you will have options on resolving your tax debt. You can make monthly payments on an official installment agreement, or do not pay the IRS if you have negative cash flow or disposable income, lastly you can settle through an offer in compromise as a lump sum payment.

We caution you to beware of the companies that advertise on the radio, TV and internet. Most of these are not tax or law firms, just sales organizations to take your money and make your tax problem even worse.

Our firm releases IRS wage garnishments and you always deal with the principal of our firm, Mike Habib. We are A+ rated by the BBB better business bureau, and our firm is also a Former Dave Ramsey ELP 2012-2019 endorsed local provider.

Release and stop your IRS wage garnishment, call us today at 877-788-2937.

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About Mike Habib, EA NTPI Fellow®:

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