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San Francisco, CA Taxpayer Rights Power of Attorney – Representing individuals and businesses before the IRS

For those in the San Francisco, CA bay area who are facing an IRS audit, unfiled tax returns, employment tax problem resolution, tax debt settlement, and more, you will need the proper representation in order to have your issues handled properly. This is where the tax attorney San Francisco residents and business owners turn to deal with their tax issues. Did you receive an IRS or state tax lien notice, letter, postcard or phone call?

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IRS local offices in greater San Francisco, CA for audits, examinations, appeals, collections:

450 Golden Gate Ave, SF

185 Lennon, Walnut Creek

1301 Clay St., Oakland

4643 Quail Lakes Dr., Stockton

55 S. Market St. Suite 100, San Jose

777 Sonoma Ave., Santa Rosa

What is a Tax Attorney? IRS-FTB-EDD-BOE Audit representation

Essentially, a tax attorney or lawyer is the one you call when facing issues about taxes that cannot be easily solved on your own. This includes times when you may be facing an IRS audit or perhaps a shortfall in paying your taxes. This is an attorney who specializes in all areas of taxes for individuals and companies, particularly businesses facing 941 payroll tax problems. In addition, they provide a number of essential services.

  • Uses principles of accounting and finance
  • Communicates with federal, state, and local government entities
  • Knows the latest federal as well as state tax laws
  • Keeps tax information as well as pertinent tax records
  • Assesses the complicated tax issues while researching relevant tax laws

In addition, a tax lawyer might have other duties as well if they are part of a company or working for a traditional law firm. Did you receive an IRS or state tax lien notice, letter, postcard or phone call?

How Tax Attorneys Help Individuals in greater SF bay area

Many tax attorneys operate independent firms where they and their team do the daily work of helping individuals with their tax situations. A typical tax lawyer will have clients that include small businesses and companies, but a large part of their work is dealing with the situations faced by individuals when it comes to their taxes.

The tax attorney San Francisco residents work with on a daily basis excels when it comes to the individual tax accounts. Here, you will receive personal advice that is backed by the knowledge and experience of a professional tax lawyer. In addition, individuals can be fully represented when facing an IRS audit and similar issues. Having an experienced tax attorney by your side can make all the difference when facing the IRS or dealing with your personal tax issues.

How a Tax Attorney Helps Your Business

For those who are just starting up a business, a tax lawyer can help you when it comes to getting the right legal counsel in structuring your company properly so that you pay your taxes on time. In addition, such attorneys can also provide employment tax problem resolution strategies and find ways for you to save money when it comes to paying your taxes thanks to their understanding of the tax law.

In addition, the tax attorney San Francisco businesses turn to for assistance can also help when working with international companies that need help with tax treatment, contracts, and the many other legal matters when it comes to your company.

In addition, you’ll find assistance when it comes to back tax help, wage garnishment issues, tax debt settlement, innocent spouse tax relief, release tax levies, IRS audits and so much more. Whether you are an individual in search of personal tax assistance or running a company that needs the right structuring, the tax attorney is here to help you.

IRS, FTB, BOE, EDD Tax Representation in San Jose – San Francisco – Oakland

Work with our experienced tax representation firm and put an end to tax problems once and for all! We have the specialized skill set, and the experience.

Did you receive an IRS or state tax lien notice, letter, postcard or phone call?

For more on IRS, FTB, BOE, EDD tax help in the Bay Area San Jose – San Francisco – Oakland, please contact 877-788-2937 for more information today.

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