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Tax debt settlement help – get reliable tax relief

If you find yourself unable to comprehend the complexities of paying off your tax debts, then you need to get tax debt settlement help from a tax expert. Tax debt relief settlement help entails finding an experienced enrolled agent who is a tax relief expert to help you come up with the best solution for your tax problem. There are many tax negotiation companies these days offering tax debt settlement help that many people are inclined to believe that these firms are tax relief scams. Truth be told, it only takes the right choice of tax debt settlement company, enrolled agent or tax advisor to help you with your tax problem.

About tax debt settlement

Before you seek tax debt settlement help, you have to understand what tax debt settlement is. Tax debt settlement, oftentimes known as tax debt relief or tax debt negotiation, is negotiated by your tax representative, also known as power of attorney, effort to reduce your tax debt where the tax agency, or in many cases, the IRS, Internal Revenue Service, and the taxpayer agree on a calculated reduced balance that will then regard the tax debt as paid in full.

Taxpayers can negotiate for their own tax settlement terms by communicating directly with the IRS. Alternatively, they can also seek the assistance of an experienced tax relief expert who is an enrolled agent that is licensed by the IRS to help them out. Many tax relief companies that advertise heavily on TV and the internet claim that they are “tax attorneys”, and if you check their website, they do not mention anything about their unknown tax attorney, nor do they mention their licensed representative bio (biography), qualification or background. See our beware report to avoid scams. ALWAYS speak with the licensed power of attorney who will negotiate on your behalf, never speak with an unlicensed sales representative who claims that he or she is a tax consultant.

How settlement works

Essentially, getting tax debt settlement help entails you to work with a reliable tax relief company that negotiates with the IRS for you the best possible payment terms based on your financial condition. The aim of the tax settlement company is to resolve your tax debt and for you to be able to afford the tax payment that will suit your financial situation.

The first step

When it comes to effectuating a tax debt settlement, our firm starts by reviewing and analyzing your tax debt and your financial ability to pay off your tax debts. We go over the entries on your income tax return to find out if you’re eligible for certain refunds and make sure that the return is accurate, or if needed amended and revised accordingly. In many cases were the taxpayer did not file their tax return for many back years, we directly obtain from the IRS, all the needed W2’s, 1099’s, 1098’s etc to accurately prepare all the unfiled tax returns as well. From there, we will coordinate with the IRS to put a hold on your account, or release a tax levy on your wages or bank account, we then negotiate with the IRS your settlement based on your financial condition and finally reach an agreement that the taxpayer can afford and can live with. While we’re representing you, the IRS will cease and hold all collection efforts for a specified duration so we can assess and resolve your tax matter.


It is important to note that taxpayers can represent themselves, and attempt to negotiate a tax debt settlement on their own without the need for a licensed tax professional, power of attorney. In dealing with tax problems on your own, timing is key. The good news is that the IRS is usually more accommodating of taxpayers who are actively coordinating with them to pay their mounting tax debt. The agency is also bound by certain statutes and regulations that require it to approve certain requests for tax debt relief so long as certain criteria are fulfilled.

Getting the right help

If you opt to seek professional help to settle your tax debt, then we encourage you to consult with our firm. Mike Habib, EA is a tax relief expert who actively helps his client effectuate negotiated tax debt settlements. Mike Habib offers a free consultation with him directly to assess your tax debt and your ability to pay. You can reach Mike at 877-788-2937 or at

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