Tax attorney fees and cost: what tax lawyers charge as fees

What do tax lawyers charge as far as cost and fees?

When taxpayers are faced with tax problems such as unpaid back taxes or IRS audits, they usually seek the help of a tax attorney. Taxpayers have the right to be represented by a licensed and IRS approved representative, known as POA or power of attorney. Representation fees vary widely by various firms.

Our firm mostly offers flat fee engagements.

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Taxpayers faced with tax challenges are entitled, for a fee or cost, to be represented by a tax professional, IRS sets certain rules known as Circular 230, were tax attorneys, CPAs, and EAs – enrolled agents are regulated by. The main thing for the client/taxpayer is to hire and retain an experienced, skilled and specialized tax problem resolution specialist, not all tax attorneys, CPAs or EAs specialize in tax problem resolution.

Tax representation fees and cost vary by professional, metro area, etc. Experienced and skilled tax attorneys or lawyers tend to be the highest in cost, fees, as high as $500-1,000 per hour, most audit or back tax settlement engagements are from 20-80 hours, some are more involved and require substantially more hours. So for an average tax attorney you are looking at approximately 40 hours from $20,000-40,000 to resolve a tax problem via a tax lawyer.

Circular 230 governs attorneys, CPAs and EAs the same. You will need a tax attorney for criminal tax cases, the lion share of regular tax problems is civil and you do not need an expensive lawyer. You need a reasonable tax representation professional to be your POA, power of attorney, and resolve your tax problem on a flat fee basis.

I represent individual and business taxpayers with tax problems and controversy matters. We charge a flat fee, cost; the fee is always quoted as part of our free consultation. No 2 cases are the same, but our fee is substantially less than that of a tax attorney. Our average tax problem engagement would cost in the range of $3,000-$8,000 in professional fees and on a flat fee basis, not hourly. This is a huge difference, and really peace of mind for the client knowing that they will not be charged every time they send an email or fax.

A tax attorney or an EA can help you the client in so many ways:

Unfiled tax returns: many taxpayers find themselves with 3-10 years of unfiled tax returns. The IRS in most cases would file a return known as SFR, then we file in lieu of that to help the taxpayer by obtaining all the tax documents from the IRS directly, such as W2’s, 1099’s, 1098’s, etc.

Back taxes help: individual and business taxpayers end up owing back taxes and simply cannot pay it, and cannot handle the pressing demands by the IRS. We represent our clients as the POA and get the best possible resolution.

IRS audit representation: we represent the audited taxpayer before all administrative levels of the IRS, including appeals. Do not go to the audit by yourself; you have rights and options that you are not aware of. When we represent our audited clients, they do not meet the auditor nor do they speak to the IRS, we assist them in organizing their supporting documents, reconstruct them, and minimize the damage accordingly.

IRS appeals: want to appeal a negative decision by the IRS? We can appeal that for you. Got a final notice of intent to levy, or IRS lien? We can file for CDP, collection due process, form 12153, and negotiate the best possible resolution with the appeal and settlement officer.

Employment 941/940 taxes: businesses facing IRS summons, tax levies and enforcement by the IRS have options to resolve their 941/940 unpaid balances. We help business owners stay in business while we negotiate a settlement you can live with. You have options, you have rights and we make sure you get them.

If you are looking for an alternative to a high cost tax attorney, and pay lower fees, our firm can be a great alternative. Mike Habib is an IRS licensed Enrolled Agent, Endorsed Local provide by Former Dave Ramsey ELP 2012-2019, and assists taxpayers nationwide. Call him today at 877-788-2937.

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