Tax problems faced by Taxpayers and how to resolve them

Have you managed to accumulate a substantially large tax debt ?


Are you looking for a tax representative such as tax attorney, EA enrolled agent, CPA to help you resolve all your complicated tax problems?

An effective and efficient tax attorney, EA enrolled agent, CPA can provide you comprehensive IRS help and resolve all your IRS tax problems, while looking out for all your interests. Tax problems are are common, and you need to understand that owing money to the IRS does not make a criminal!

Some IRS tax problems are easy to resolve, while others may exaggerate into heavy penalties and legal complications calling for the professional tax representation of a tax attorney, EA enrolled agent, CPA. From providing you professional tax representation, Innocent spouse tax relief and IRS audit reconsideration services, to filing and dealing it your tax negotiation and resolutions, IRS appeals, and all trivial tax problems, your tax representative will take care of all such matters.

Most tax problems begin by not filing your tax returns, or owing taxes after filing your returns. Let us take a look at some of most common your professional tax attorney, EA enrolled agent, CPA can help you avoid and easily resolve:

  1. Making errors on your tax return:

If you make errors on your tax returns, you are guaranteed to get into trouble with the IRS. The best way to avoid such an issue is to hire a competent tax attorney, EA enrolled agent, CPA for all your tax return preparation work. A tax professional will make sure that your taxes are filed correctly and accurately.

Moreover, using the IRS provided Checklist of Common Errors when Preparing Your Tax Return can help you in avoiding all such major and minor errors on your tax return.

  1. IRS Tax Audit representation

The thought of being subjected to an IRS audit can be distressing and panicking. However, if you have a qualified and competent tax attorney, EA enrolled agent, CPA, you do not have to worry at the thought of IRS tax representation. Some of the things that can possibly go wrong during a tax audit include, disallowed deductions or expenses, erroneous audit findings, invoices or receipts that have gone missing or a clear cut case of unreported income.

Instead of panicking, it is necessary and essential that you are fully aware of all your rights and obligations. While you are obligated to make sure you file your taxes accurately, the IRS employees cannot mistreat you, refuse you help in resolving your unfiled tax returns or deny you penalty abatement.

Using a tax attorney, EA enrolled agent, CPA will help you deal with all the controversy and disagreements with the IRS agents. Whether you need and IRS audit reconsideration, a penalty abatement, a tax debt settlement or you need you professional tax representation to propose the IRS an offer in compromise, you tax professional will work in your favor.

  1. Mistakes made the IRS employees

The IRS employees are also human beings, and all humans make mistakes. Here are some mistakes that the IRS can make:

  • Delayed release of IRS tax liens
  • Misapplied payments
  • Mistakes in processing data
  • Misplaced tax returns
  • Unfair penalties
  • Late filings of tax returns
  • Underpaid tax filings
  • Misleading communication

Your tax attorney, EA enrolled agent, CPA will help you in all your tax negotiation and IRS problem resolution issues to make the officials realize their mistakes and rectify their errors.

  1. The collection of your tax

If you fail to pay the amount owed by you while filing your tax return, the IRS will mail you a notice. In order to make an IRS appeal or an IRS audit reconsideration before it’s’ too late and the matter escalates, you need to update or amend your return. Otherwise the IRS may take some serious actions such as:

  • Provide a notice of levy for your salaries, bank accounts and your social security benefits
  • Deny your refund
  • A federal tax lien notice will be filed against you or your business.

Your tax attorney, EA enrolled agent, CPA will keep track of all your obligations to the IRS, and make sure you make all your payments on time!

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