Tax Relief and Resolution – when facing serious IRS, State tax problems

While many people manage to file their IRS and state taxes on time, face no back-tax debt, and do not have to undergo tax audits, there are also those who face such consequences. Effective tax relief and resolution means having to settle with both the IRS and the state in which you file your income taxes. Unfortunately, many people do not fully understand the law and how it applies to them, meaning that effective tax relief programs and resolution may be difficult to achieve without the help of a professional tax representation firm, A+ BBB rated, that is near you and service your area.

What follows are three of the major types of IRS and state tax issues that many people face every year. By knowing what to do, you can minimize the penalties, so you can keep your income sound while paying off any tax debt.

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Unfiled Tax Returns

If you do not file an IRS and state tax return each year, even if you think you do not owe taxes, then you might be facing serious penalties for every month and every year that you fail to file.

For every month you do not file a tax return, the IRS may charge a penalty of 5% of what is owed. This maxes out at 25% with the minimum penalty being either $205 or 100% of what is owed, whichever is the lesser. If you do not owe taxes, but were expecting a refund, you will not get it unless you file. This also applies to tax credits

The good news is that going to jail is a rare occurrence under the law. That is usually reserved for high-profile cases or fraud in which the tax returns were filed with the intent to mislead the IRS. However, there is no guarantee that you will not face jail time and you may be penalized up to $25,000 depending on your circumstances.

In most cases, you will be penalized by paying the taxes that are owed and any penalties that have built up over time. It is advisable that you have an A+ BBB rated professional tax representation firm by your side to help minimize the penalties and provide the beat means of tax relief programs and resolution for your situation.

Back Tax Debt Relief

If you owe IRS and or state back tax debt, there are several ways to pay it off. For individuals who have acquired large amounts of debt, there are compromise agreements that may be reached in your quest to eliminate this issue from your record.

Installments: One of the most common ways to pay off back taxes, the IRS offers a monthly payment plan that allows you to pay off the debt without putting you in severe financial hardship. For those looking for tax relief and resolution that avoids having to take out loans, this is the best option.

Offer in Compromise: This is a single payment to a predetermined amount that is less than what you fully owe. This is generally used when you owe more than you can pay but can pay a smaller amount at once. If you qualify, you can save thousands of dollars in terms of taxes, interest, and penalties.

Partial Payment Installments: This is a relatively new plan that allows you to pay off the debt in installments to a predetermined amount. This is usually reserved for those who owe a considerable amount that is well above their ability to pay off in a timely manner.

Postponement: Otherwise called Currently Not Collectible, this is when the IRS postpones collecting on your tax debt for up to a year or more. This is used when the taxpayer is unable to pay due to unemployment or other equally good reason that prevents liens, levies, or seizures of property.

There are other methods at your disposal as well, this is where having an A+ BBB rated professional tax representation firm by your side will be helpful to understand your position, available relief programs and what you can do with IRS and or state tax debt.

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Tax Audits

There are few things as unsettling as receiving notification of an IRS or state tax audit. Depending on the reason for the audit, your issues range from being in serious trouble to simply answering a question or two. It helps if you understand the nature and reasoning for the audit which will help in terms of tax relief and resolution on your part.

Minor Issue: Minor issues are when the IRS has generated the audit through random selection. The IRS is required by law to randomly audit individuals and businesses and when they find nothing in the paperwork to warrant further investigation, you may only receive a notice about what has happened.

Another minor issue is when there is a question about your tax return that can be answered by a simple “yes” or “no”. If you provide the information, then the audit is usually over with quickly.

Major Problem: A big issue is when the IRS and or the state wants you to come to their office or worse, send a field IRS revenue agent to your home or business. This means that something is seriously wrong, and you will need to have your tax returns in order to successfully get through the process. This type of problem usually stems from unpaid taxes or misinformation that may stretch back for one or more years. In any event, you may want to consider our A+ BBB rated professional tax representation firm to help you handle this type of audit.

Why Hire a Professional Tax Representation Firm?

There are good reasons why you should hire our professional tax representation firm if you are having issues with unfiled tax returns, IRS and or state back tax debt, employment 941 payroll, or tax audits. Having a knowledgeable, experienced tax relief and resolution team by your side means minimizing the potential penalties and consequences while having your rights protected.

Protecting Your Rights: You have rights under the law that may not be respected unless you hire the right team of tax professionals. This means that any law that benefits your position will be cited by your representation when faced with potential consequences.

If you need tax relief and resolution, do not wait, get our reputable tax representation firm by your side today. The sooner you act, the faster we can provide the help you need to get past your current situation and into a relief program that fits your tax situation.

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