Tax Relief Second Opinion

Thinking of hiring a $5000 tax attorney?


If you do not qualify for an IRS Offer in Compromise, an attorney CANNOT help you.

That’s $5000 down the drain.

Many of the unnamed tax attorneys that advertise are nothing but fast-talking salesmen trying to get your money without really helping you solve your tax problem. They tend to offer the same thing – tax relief through an IRS Offer in Compromise – even if this may not be the best resolution in your particular case. Unfortunately, many taxpayers fall for the trap and pay these unnamed tax attorneys $5000 or much more only to find out that the unnamed attorney can do nothing to protect them from the harassment of the IRS aggressive collection efforts. They are still threatened with bank and wage levies, property seizure, etc. Worse, the IRS may already wipe out their wages and bank accounts and seize their properties.

Don’t let this happen to you.


In order NOT to be scammed by these glorified salesmen, you must GET A SECOND OPINION.

You must treat your tax problems the way you would treat a sickness – by going to another doctor and getting a second opinion to verify if the first is accurate. It only makes sense to do this before you commit one year of your life and a huge percentage of your bank account to an Offer in Compromise without a guarantee of success.


My name is Mike Habib, and I am an Enrolled Agent – this means that I am federally licensed by the United States Treasury to represent taxpayers like you before the IRS. My office is located in Pasadena, California, and I have been successfully handling a busy tax relief practice helping clients with serious IRS issues in all 50 states.

I have seen so many people in your situation – desperate to get proper tax help, and confused about who they should turn to. This is why I have made it my PERSONAL ADVOCACY to reach out and make sure that you do not get ripped off by greedy “unnamed tax lawyers” who are only after one thing – your money.

Before coming to me, many of my clients were conned and overcharged by companies and unnamed lawyers trying to take advantage of their vulnerability. In some cases, the firm just took their money and left them hanging. In other cases, it turns out that they are not qualified for an Offer in Compromise in the first place, and they only found out a year later.


These con artists are giving the tax problem resolution industry a bad name. They make honest tax problem solvers like us seem like predators. I am tired of it.

Let me show you how it’s really done.

Let me solve your IRS tax problem so you can get real tax relief.

Call me this week and I’ll waive my usual charges for the thorough analysis of the real options available to you. In essence, I am giving away my second opinion FOR FREE. You don’t have to hire me – you may still choose to hire that unnamed tax lawyer, with no physical address or bio, you talked to if you want.

You will get my honest opinion regarding your chances of success in using an IRS Offer in Compromise, and also a discussion of your other alternatives to solving your tax problem, such as negotiated installment plans, penalty abatement, amended returns, and bankruptcy.

Call toll free 877-788-2937, now and let an honest tax relief expert help you.

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