Tax Relief Short List

Tax Relief – Short List

Tax relief is a term that refers to providing tax problem resolution and relief from the fear and burden of the mounting tax liability. Tax relief is provided on a federal and state level.

Want tax relief?

There are several reasons on why you may need tax relief. The main reason is usually you’re unable to pay all your back taxes owed with interest and penalties.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. You need to team up with a tax relief expert, someone who is licensed to represent you before the IRS and or the State you owe taxes to,
  2. The tax relief expert or specialist must specialize in representation and be licensed by the federal government or the State that you reside in,
  3. Never hire a vague company that keeps pushing “pennies on the dollar” tax relief, they are usually unlicensed and have terrible BBB, better business bureau ratings, and a lot of complaints for non performance, most of these vague tax relief companies do not list a physical address, they do not include the bios of the leadership behind them, they advertise a lot on TV and the internet, and they just want your name, telephone number, email and your credit card number,
  4. DO NOT consult your tax case with a sales representative, they’re given an alias name, they’re given odd titles like Tax Consultant, etc. Check the bios of these tax relief companies and see who is behind the firm, many of these companies are not tax firms nor are they law firms.

Tax Relief Options

There are currently a few tax relief programs available to you, but you need to comply with the financial and other requirements. First, you must be compliant with all your tax return filings, if you have unfiled returns, they need to get filed right away, secondly you need to understand the scope of your tax liability, and lastly the strategy to get tax relief based on your financial ability or inability to pay the taxes owed.

Various tax settlement options

You have options, and rights to resolve your tax mess and getting tax relief, here are the 2 main tax settlements:

  1. Offer in compromise: this is the best option if you do not have any assets, very limited income, and large amount of back taxes. With an offer in compromise, you can settle your tax debt for less than you owe based on your financial condition,
  2. Installment agreement: this is a payment plan, also based on your ability to pay, it could be as little as $25 per month and usually it’s a partial payment plan, thus paying a partial amount of your taxes, interest and penalties based on your financial ability or inability to pay.

Start here

Get tax relief with the help of Mike Habib, an Enrolled Agent who is an expert in helping businesses and individuals solve their tax problems with the IRS. Let him represent you before the IRS so he can negotiate the best option for your owed back taxes. Contact him by calling 877-788-2937 where you can also benefit from a free consultation. Otherwise, you can fill out a form on this website with your contact information and he will get back at you ASAP. Learn more about Mike Habib and his services by exploring this site.

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