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According to the most up-to-date US Tax Code, all US-based business employers are required to file employment 941 / 940 Payroll Tax forms with the IRS every quarter and year-end at a prescribed date. These employment reporting forms goes along with all of the necessary payments that are made to the IRS throughout the year. When a Los Angeles, CA business employer runs afoul of the IRS, it is very important to know that it is serious and you should seek out professional help from a representation firm that knows how to handle unpaid payroll taxes help. These tax professionals can be your best friend when it comes to dealing directly with the IRS.

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What is Employment 941 Payroll Tax and who is responsible to the IRS for this tax?

Payroll Taxes are at the top of the list for the IRS when it comes to collecting what the US government is owed to it by US-based business employers. Large or small, when it comes to 940 /941 payroll taxes the IRS treats them all the same. The term 941 Payroll Tax refers to the number that is associated with business payroll tax form as it is found in the United States Tax Code.

Payroll Employment Taxes (often referred to as FICA) that all businesses must collect and or pay to the IRS for each employee include the following:

  • Social Security tax
  • Medicare tax
  • Federal income tax
  • Federal Unemployment tax

Social Security tax – Every employer withholds a specific percentage of each employee pay up to the prescribed amount according to the current tax code. The employer is also responsible to pay the IRS the matching amount and send it to the IRS. This represents the money that every taxpayer puts into the Social Security system for the government to send out payments to all eligible social security recipients.

Medicare tax – Just like with the Social Security Tax, every employer must withhold the amount that is required according to the most recent US Tax Code. The amount is a prescribed percentage of income received up to certain amount. The employer will send the money withheld from each employee and include the same amount as required for their employer contribution.

Federal income tax – This tax is withheld from each employee per payday and the amount is based on information taken from the employee W-4 form the amount of tax that is to be withheld is based on the most recent and current tax table contained in the US Tax Code. Every employer is responsible for withholding the Federal Income Tax amount and sending it to the IRS on behalf of every employee.

Federal Unemployment tax – Federal Unemployment Tax is the only one of the Payroll Taxes that is not collected or withheld from the employee. Every employer pays the total amount of the Federal Unemployment Tax for each employee, and the amount as determined by the IRS is in the current year’s US Tax Code.

All Los Angeles, CA business employers need to take 941 /940 payroll taxes seriously, and there are firms to turn to for unpaid employment payroll taxes help. It is best to seek help before it becomes a serious problem.

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How IRS will enforce collection actions

You, the business owner or operator, must submit the Payroll Taxes and the 941 Payroll Tax Form to the IRS. If you fail to, you are subject to action by the IRS to collect the unpaid taxes. Filling out and submitting the form is also very important, and failing to do so, can bring civil and potential criminal charges.

The IRS has several ways that they can use to collect unpaid Payroll Taxes. They can use Tax Levies and Tax Liens against you, or your business to collect the debt. They will always send out notices of intention to take certain types of actions and that will allow you to correct the oversight.

The US Tax Code gives the IRS the full power and authority it needs to use whatever means it sees fit to get the money that is rightfully owed to the US Treasury. This includes uses of Tax Liens and Tax Levies:

Tax Liens – This is a legal action where the IRS temporarily taxes possession of a specific real property for the expressed purpose of securing the repayment of tax debt. The lien is enforced until such time that the debt has been paid in full along with interest and or penalties that have been assessed.

Tax Levies – The more severe method that the IRS can take to secure the payment of a tax debt is the use of a Tax Levy. This is the seizure of property such as bank account, accounts receivables to satisfy the unpaid payroll tax debt. However, this is an extreme measure and certain requirements must be met in order to use this and they are spelled out in the US Tax Code.

Four Requirements that must be met:

#1 IRS assesses that you owe the tax and sent you a “Notice and Demand for Payment” notice in writing

#2 You refuse or don’t pay the payroll tax debt

#3 Must send you a Final Notice with Intent to Levy and Notice of Your Right to A Hearing at least 30 days before the Levy.

#4 They must send out a Notice of Third-Party Contact saying that another party could be used to determine or collect the debt

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Who can you turn to for help against the IRS?

If you or your Los Angeles, CA business is contacted by the IRS involving unpaid payroll employment taxes, know that our representation firm is available for unpaid payroll taxes help. Mike Habib’s firm was established to help individual; business taxpayers navigate the scary circumstances that can arise from contact with the IRS over unpaid tax debts. Our representation firm specializes in a wide range of fields including federal, state tax law, and accounting, among other things.

Fortunately, the IRS recognizes the need for this type of assistance and in most cases, they allow you to retain a power of attorney representative instead of you dealing with a demanding revenue officer – RO. In times like this, these power of attorney representatives can be your very best friend. These firms know exactly how to provide you with the unpaid payroll taxes help that you need.

Why are these representation firms so good at what they do?

You may ask why are these firms so good at what they do. Well, quite simply, many are led by enrolled agents, lawyers, CPAs. This makes them very valuable assets to represent you during this trying time before the IRS. Having so much knowledge of working with IRS and the tactics that they use can be invaluable when it comes to helping you with your unpaid payroll taxes.

Final Thoughts

If you ever find yourself in need of unpaid payroll taxes help after receiving a letter from the IRS regarding unpaid tax debt, don’t panic, and don’t fail to respond in the prescribed amount of time. The first thing you should do is seek out our Whittier, Los Angeles, CA tax representation firm and get us on your team.

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