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We help individual and business taxpayers facing tax problems such as IRS-FTB-EDD-CDTFA-BOE tax audits, back tax debt, unfiled tax returns, employment 941 payroll problems in greater areas of Upland, Claremont, Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, Ontario in California.

Tax problems don’t go away, you must take action to avoid tax levies such as bank levies, and wage garnishments. The IRS-FTB-EDD-CDTFA-BOE can also file tax liens against your properties in Upland, Claremont, Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana and Ontario.

Don’t let the tax agency ruin your life! Get tax relief today at 877-788-2937. 

Rancho Cucamonga:

Population in 2016: 176,540, Zip codes: 91701, 91730, 91737. Estimated median household income in 2016: $81,286


Population in 2016: 209,659, Zip codes: 91739, 92336, 92337, 92377. Estimated median household income in 2016: $66,073


Population in 2016: 38,054, Zip codes: 91711, 91750. Estimated median household income in 2016: $99,497


Population in 2016: 76,691, Zip codes: 91786. Estimated median household income in 2016: $65,578


Population in 2016: 173,211, Zip codes: 91761, 91764. Estimated median household income in 2016: $55,982

Enforcement Activity  2005         2006        2007        2008         2009        2010
Levies                       2,743,577 3,742,276 3,757,190 2,631,038 3,478,181 3,606,818
Liens                         522,887  629,813     683,659    768,168    965,618   1,096,376
Seizures                      399          599         676            610          581          605

Acting quickly on an overdue back tax accounts may facilitate a more agreeable resolution.

Be fully prepared for what may seem to be outrageous demands by tax collection personnel. From their point of view, the government has priority over other creditors. For example, a Revenue Officer may want the taxpayer to mortgage his/her home to pay the delinquent amount of back taxes, with seeming indifference to whether he/she has the resources to pay the additional home loan principal and interest.

Tax Audit Representation Help
We represent you 100%, you will not meet or talk with the auditor. We handle it all for you so that you need not take time off of your work to handle the bureaucracy and tedious paperwork of the IRS or state tax agency.

Unfiled Tax Returns Help
If you are delinquent and did not file your returns, you can be possibly be prosecuted and punished with potential jail time, one year for each year not filed. Why risk potentially losing your freedom for failing to file your tax returns? The IRS and or the state might file it for you as an SFR, substitute for return and not allow you any deductions.

Employment Payroll 941 Tax Problems Help
The IRS views failing to pay employment 941/940 payroll taxes as the cardinal sin of tax delinquency because a large portion of the payroll taxes are your employees’ withholding’s, known as TFRP trust fund money.

Back Taxes Owed Help
Large amount due? It’s amazing how fast tax penalties and interest add up. Its your lucky day, as we offer several options when it comes to resolving unpaid back taxes. If you can not pay in full, there are payment plans, partial pay agreements, and lump sum offer in compromise settlements.

Tax Levy and Lien Help

Did you receive a tax lien, wage garnishment or bank levy? We can help you resolve your back tax problem and get the levies released. Tax liens are released under special circumstances after you resolve your tax debt.

Don’t let the tax agency ruin your life! Get tax relief today at 877-788-2937. 

Tax Help for Upland, Claremont, Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, Ontario.

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