Why You Need an Enrolled Agent for Tax Problem

The services of an enrolled agent for tax problem go a long way in resolving your IRS related tax issues. Though there are other tax professionals like tax attorneys and CPAs, in certain circumstances, it is best to take the help of enrolled agents. The question is ‘what are these circumstances’.

Specific Role of Enrolled Agent for Tax Problem

Enrolled agents like tax attorneys and CPAs are tax professionals licensed to represent taxpayers in their dealings with the IRS. But enrolled agents are specialists in dealing with IRS related matters because they are required to work with the IRS for five years or pass a series of tough tests conducted by the IRS to establish their competence to represent taxpayers before the IRS to qualify for the license. Enrolled agents are licensed by the US government (and not individual states), so they can practice across the country. All enrolled agents are required to undergo a background check and many hours of continuing professional education (CPE) to keep themselves up-to-date.

Because of these specific features, you should consider an enrolled agent for your tax problem, especially if the nature of the problem is related to areas like unpaid back taxes, IRS audit representation or to counter an impending tax lien or tax levy on your account.

Enrolled Agents for tax problem- Need of the Hour Today

In an uncertain economic scenario, more and more people are finding themselves unable to fulfill their tax obligations to the IRS. The same economic conditions are causing the IRS to crack the whip on defaulters and adopt every possible means to enforce collections. In fact the enforcement budget has increased in recent times and the IRS had added and intends to add more staff to their team for greater effectiveness. So if you have piled up unpaid back taxes, chances are the IRS may come knocking on your door soon. To avoid an unpleasant visit from the IRS, you need an experienced enrolled agent for this tax problem.

Situations Where You Need an Enrolled Agent for Tax Problem

An enrolled agent is the best tax professional to help you if your tax problems are specifically related to areas like IRS audit and responding to IRS collection enforcement. If the IRS has expressed intent to place a lien on your physical assets or place a tax levy on your bank accounts or garnish your wages, it is time to contact an enrolled agent for these tax problems at 877-788-2937. The enrolled agent has vast experience in dealing with the IRS and can buy sometime at the very least and possibly postpone the above courses of action. In case a levy has already been placed, the enrolled agent can help release the levy in a suitable manner.

Benefits of Enrolled Agent for Tax Problem

Because an enrolled agent has vast experience in taxes and licensed directly by the IRS, he can help possibly reduce your overall tax debt in the following manner.
Penalty Abatement
The enrolled agent provides documentary evidence, ony in case of reasonable cause, to convince the IRS to waive off the entire or a significant portion of the penalty component of your tax debt.
This is the biggest benefit of using enrolled agent for tax problem, as in this case, depending on your specific financial and other circumstances, the enrolled agent negotiates with the IRS to significantly reduce the total amount you owe, sometimes by as much as 80%.
Installment Payment Plan
The enrolled agent suggests an affordable installment payment plan for your outstanding tax amount to the IRS in consultation with you, so that you are spared the burden of a lump sum payment.

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