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Chicago tax help.jpg In the present times, it is a common occurrence to find ourselves buried neck deep in the sands of unpaid tax debts although in today’s economy it is not unusual to have tax debts. For individual and business taxpayers in Chicago-Aurora-Elgin-Joliet-Waukegan, IL-IN Metro it is often stated and acknowledged that owing money towards IRS is tantamount to owing money towards mob. Not surprising though if you already know how scary and unrelenting IRS tax officials usually are. The very thought of the IRS hounding you relentlessly is enough to drive sane people insane.

Get tax debt help, lead a trouble free life
Tax debt can give you a stressful time. As such keeping track of all the paperwork can be quite hassling and time consuming. For instance, it can be quite daunting preparing and filing your taxes to IRS on time all the while crossing your fingers and hoping that you have filed everything correctly. Unfortunately, that is not what happens all the time. There are times where you might have found out that you haven’t filed taxes properly. Now, you can say goodbye to the stress of tax debt. With Mike Habib as your confidant you sure can take a breather. Mike Habib, an IRS licensed Enrolled Agent, has been concentrating on helping individuals and businesses solve their IRS tax debt problems.

Mike Habib handles each of his client’s case personally, wherein he personally and successfully negotiates the best possible solution for his client. He also encourages his clients for a free initial consultation to gather and understand the facts and determine the options available. He can also meet up with his clients; who are busy during weekdays; with evening and weekend appointments.

Here’s how he takes the burden off your shoulders and personally takes care of your tax debt worries and negotiates it with the IRS. Here are the solutions to your back tax worries which Mike Habib will take care of:

1. Installment agreement: To get tax debt help, one can agree in writing to pay off the tax debts in installment method. One can choose from four different types of installment agreements offered by the IRS to get tax debt help. However, you should know which installment agreement you are qualified for, so that when you or your tax accountant talks to the IRS, you and the IRS can come to an amicable plan.

2. Compromise: Another option to get tax debt help is to put forward your compromise offer where the IRS will agree to your offer as such that the amount you will pay will be less than the original amount you owed and settle the matter.

3. Penalty reprieve: You can also get tax debt help if you can show some reasonable proof to the IRS of your inability to pay the taxes. Then, at a later date you will have approximately one-third of penalty amount, due to non-payment of taxes which will end up getting abated for good reasons.

4. IRS tax bankruptcy: Although, this is the first option which will be considered, this may not be a good option as your credit report will be highly affected in negative way wherein you may have to liquidate your assets.

5. Stop Wage levy/ garnishment: To get tax debt help you may have no option but to resolve your unpaid back taxes to release the IRS levy, stop the wage garnishment and bank levies.

If you are looking for tax debt help, feel free to get in touch with us. Mike Habib will be glad to help you. Free consultation at 877-788-2937.

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