How to choose a tax relief resolution firm? IRS Tax Help.

If you are an individual or business taxpayer seeking Tax Relief, IRS Tax Debt Relief, Tax Relief Help, or IRS Tax Help you should consider hiring the most valuable company.

Most companies in any industry can only offer 2 of the 3 vitals, price, service or quality. Companies like McDonald’s, offer price and service, car maker BMW offers quality and service, and so on. Beware of companies trying to sell you on all 3, best price, best service and best quality, that will never happen in real life.

Our firm, Mike Habib EA, we offer you the best value in the tax relief and tax resolution industry. Our most reliable service, accompanied by the best quality in delivering the lowest possible settlement is PRICELESS!

Our value proposition is: we will resolve your tax problem and settle your IRS tax debt for the lowest amount allowed by the current tax law.

Why choose our firm:
1. You will always deal directly with Mike Habib, the principal of the firm, no sales people, no case managers, no games.
2. We are A+ rated by the BBB better business bureau, the highest rating available. Why settle for a B, C, D or F rated companies?
3. We are federally licensed and can assist taxpayers in all 50 states.

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