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Bigger is NOT Always Better – Just Ask Dissatisfied JK Harris Clients

UPDATED 10/7/2011 #JK #Harris files for bankruptcy protection.

The website of tax representation firm JK Harris boasts hundreds of locations nationwide. The site promises three simple steps to tax relief beginning with a free initial consultation with a JK Harris sales consultant. The company claims to have assisted a quarter of a million people with their tax problems.

Like other companies that specialize in tax relief, JK Harris offers solutions to a number of IRS tax problems including wage garnishment, back taxes, IRS tax liens, tax and bank levy, tax audits, tax settlements, and more. It all sounds good, but how much can you believe?

You could schedule an initial free consultation with a sales consultant then decide based on what was discussed during that meeting. The consultation is free so there really isn’t anything to lose except your time. Plus, the JK Harris website claims you’ll leave feeling relieved that tax resolution is nearer than you think.

But is it really?

Dig a little deeper into the company and you’ll find that not everything is as it appears. A quick Internet search reveals a number of clients who are frustrated by their interactions with JK Harris. Many customers have reported that they made monthly payments to the company but got nothing in return, not even answers to their questions.

Another customer reported receiving an offer of compromise to review and being stunned by what he saw. He noted that almost all of the information contained in his offer to compromise was incorrect, including basic information like telephone and social security numbers.

Several others are furious and want the money they paid JK Harris refunded. A lot of these people made payments in advance, which is always risky. But they had confidence in the tax resolution company and likely never thought they’d end up worse off than when they started. Unfortunately, these people may never get a refund.

What’s the moral of this story?

Back taxes, tax audits, tax levies, IRS tax liens, payroll tax problems, wage garnishment and other tax problems are serious. They’re the kind of problems you usually can’t handle without the help of a reputable company with years of experience in tax negotiation, offer in compromise, and tax settlement tactics. JK Harris is one such company, but it seems JK Harris promises more than it delivers.

Tax resolution is a complicated matter, so never let anyone tell you otherwise. To better protect yourself and increase your chances of a favorable outcome, it’s important to thoroughly research tax relief companies before choosing one.

If those dissatisfied JK Harris customers had done this, they may not have been so quick to choose an IRS tax help company with a lengthy list of customer complaints.

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UPDATED 10/7/2011 #JK #Harris files for bankruptcy protection.