Payroll Tax Audit? Now What Are Your Options?

IRS or State Payroll Tax Audit & Employment Tax Audit

The word audit can strike a very real sense of fear into the hearts of even the most courageous of men. When you own a business, there is even more at stake than a few minor penalties or fees; you can lose everything you’ve worked so hard to create. If you are facing a payroll tax audit you need to make every effort to cooperate with your auditor. The best way to prepare for a payroll tax audit, and therefore survive the audit, is to keep excellent records for several years past on hand and have them stored completely and according to year in case you are faced with an audit many years after the fact.

The first thing you need to do in order to keep everything straight when it comes to surviving a payroll tax audit is to keep your accounting practices current. Many businesses do this by either outsourcing their payroll responsibilities to firms that deal exclusively with payroll matters, including payroll taxes, or hiring an in-house bookkeeper to handle their payroll. The benefits of either of these is great because laws regarding payroll taxes and withholdings change regularly and are so complex in general.

You should also insure that you have the proper resources in place when it comes to avoiding a payroll tax audit or at the very least coming away from one without owing any back taxes, fines, or penalties is one of the biggest responsibilities a business owner faces. If you aren’t willing to pay for outsourcing this responsibility to someone that is qualified as an outsider you very well may want to consider hiring a fulltime staff member who has the expertise and qualifications to devote to insuring accurate payroll deductions are made. As a licensed tax professional specializing tax problems resolution, I can represent you in your payroll tax audit to advocate your position and make sure your options and your rights are taken care of.

You should also take the time each year to review your records and check for mistakes. While it won’t help you avoid a payroll tax audit this little effort made each year can save you a great deal of time and many headaches should one arise. In addition you will find out during the course of the ‘internal audit’ whether or not any information is missing, incomplete, or inaccurate and handle it immediately rather than finding out two or three years after the fact.

If you find, during the course of your internal audit or review, that you are going to have problems with your payroll tax audit it would be wise to secure the services of our firm in order to help you deal with the outcome of your payroll audit and assist you when negotiating payment options and reducing penalties. The IRS is a formidable foe and you do not want to face them unprepared or alone if it can be avoided. It could cost considerably more than it has to. There are options available, even if you owe a considerable amount of money.

As a licensed tax professional specializing tax problems resolution, I may be able to negotiate some amazing things on your behalf when it comes to your payroll tax audit and a potentially negative or outright negative outcome. Honest mistakes are made every day when it comes to handling payroll taxes don’t allow your mistakes, when discovered through a payroll tax audit be the end of your business — especially when a well qualified and experienced tax professional like Mike Habib, EA can make all the difference in the world.