Should you Seek Professional Help for Tax Preparation?

Tax preparation can be a very difficult task, especially when you are not good with numbers. Many people try their hands in doing their own taxes but end up in even more confusion and frustration. Seeking professional help is a better idea when it comes to tax preparation. Mike Habib EA, a tax professional, can help save you money and time, all the while relieving you from stress.

Who Should Consult a Professional?

Here are a few signs that indicate an individual needs a tax professional:

  • Not good with numbers,
  • Not enough time to do tax planning,
  • Recently married, had a kid or divorced,
  • Recently cashed out, sold or bought bonds and stocks,
  • Doing freelance work,
  • Student loan interest,
  • Purchasing or purchased a home.

Usually when an individual starts involving in complex conditions like child care credits, self-employment, rental properties, stock sales, dividends, interest income or itemized deductions, this is the proper time to get help for tax preparation by a professional.

Reasons to Seek Tax Preparation Help

Following are some main reasons to get tax preparation help:


  • Getting a tax professional to help you with tax preparation not only saves your time but also saves your money. A tax professional will assist you with all your tax related planning and preparation.
  • Due to professional help you can avoid making costly mistakes and even help you in finding certain benefits that you had no idea about.
  • If there is even a single error made in your taxes, it can cost you a huge sum of money. For example, if you take deductions you are not eligible to or underpay taxes, you will have to pay penalties.

Audit Help

  • IRS does extremely strict auditing by closely looking for any misrepresentation, frauds or mistakes. They even make random audits in order to detect any frauds.
  • In case you get audited, you will have to prove that your return is appropriate. This can only be done by a professional tax preparer because if you are unable to satisfy the queries of IRS, you will face penalties.
  • A tax professional knows how to prepare a good report in response to an audit.


  • Seeking help for your tax preparation provides you with convenience. It is less stressful and time consuming as compared to doing your own taxes.
  • Once you hire a tax professional, you are unburdened with the responsibility as he/she will effectively manage and prepare your taxes.
  • The time consumed doing returns vary according to your situation and forms to be filled out, a normal form can take you around 20 hours to do on your own.
  • Going through latest laws and federal codes is a complex task leading to frustration as you will have to go through and understand all the requirements and rules of tax preparation and return.
  • However, since a professional is already familiar with tax codes, regulations and rules, you will be assured about the efficiency of you tax preparations.

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