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Looking for trustworthy tax resolution services but don’t know where to turn?

It’s never too early to start thinking about your taxes and tax resolution services – especially if you anticipate tax problems.

Tax problems are a real pain. When not handled by a company that specializes in tax resolution services, a relatively small issue can grow into a huge tax burden very quickly. It’s happened before and it’ll keep happening for as long as people are required to pay taxes. But it doesn’t have to happen to you. And it won’t, if you take the right steps starting right now.

The first step is identifying the type of tax problem help you currently need or anticipate. When it comes to taxes and problems, there’s a seemingly never-ending assortment. Back taxes, IRS tax audits, tax levies and tax liens are the most common tax issues handled by tax resolution services companies. But there are plenty of others.

If you’ve been getting letters from the IRS, you need to start paying attention to what they say. A lot of people with tax problems think that if they ignore these letters, their tax problems will magically go away. If that sounds like you, let me tell you this: Tax problems don’t magically go away and neither does the IRS!

The next step is realizing that you’re probably not the best person to make a case to the IRS. Too many people think that negotiating with the IRS is something they can handle. So they take a shot and all too often, the results aren’t what they expected.

Others know they’re not the right person and turn to their accountants or the people who prepared their taxes for help. Again, this sounds like a good approach, but it’s not. People who take this route usually pay more for professional tax services and don’t usually get anything more in return. Tax preparation is NOT tax representation! What you need is a tax representation specialist with the special skill set and knowhow of the IRS.

That’s why it’s important to know about this last and most important step: Handing your tax problems over to a reputable and reliable company that specializes in tax resolution services.

Mike Habib EA, a tax professional company that specializes in tax resolution services aren’t first-timers when it comes to dealing with the IRS. We’ve “been there, done that” and understand the right way to interact with the IRS. We understand the complex tax laws and regulations. We know proper protocols and how best to mediate on your behalf. And we’ll negotiate a settlement you can live with today and in the future.

If you need back tax help, tax relief, or tax negotiation, are seeking a tax settlement, or are having payroll tax problems or other business related tax problems, don’t go it alone. For the best results, work with Mike Habib, he’s an Enrolled Agent who specializes in tax resolution services. Mike can be reached at 1-877-788-2937.

We strive to provide the best tax resolution services and tax debt relief nationwide and in all 50 states including Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

Why Tax Masters May Not Be Your Best Option for IRS Tax Problems

Tax Masters isn’t your only choice when looking for a solution to your tax problems. Tax Masters isn’t necessarily your best choice, either. It’s true that the company’s strong presence on television and the Internet is hard to ignore. But all that really means is that Tax Masters has a bigger advertising budget than many of its competitors.

Experience matters more than words

Companies with big advertising budgets often have less money available to put towards other budget items like payroll. I don’t know about you, but if I was looking for someone to negotiate an offer in compromise or tax settlement, I’d want the most qualified and most experienced tax professionals I could find on my team. And that may not be what you find at places like Tax Masters.

When you’re facing tax problems such as back taxes, payroll taxes, wage garnishments, IRS tax liens, delinquent tax filings, IRS tax audits and other issues the IRS takes seriously, you must carefully execute your every move. One mistake could end up costing more than you ever imagined. Inaction could cost you even more. And so could making the wrong decision when it comes to choosing a tax resolution company.

That’s why it’s so important to choose your IRS tax help wisely. Instead of engaging the services of a big company like Tax Masters right off the bat, spend some time researching other tax relief companies. You’d do this if you were purchasing a television or computer. So why not do the same with an important issue like your tax problems?

It’s not as difficult as you think

The easiest way to accomplish this is by leveraging the power of the internet to learn more about the various companies offering tax relief. Reading websites is a good start. However you should also contact several companies to find out how much experience the company has with the type of IRS tax help you need. Equally important is asking for references from other clients who have had tax problems similar to your tax problems. But don’t stop there. See if those individuals are happy with the tax relief or tax resolution they received. Once you get someone talking, you’d be surprised by what you can learn.

Also check a company’s professional affiliations and its track record with consumer protection organizations like the Better Business Bureau. Even big companies like Tax Masters aren’t always in good standing and it’s up to you to find that out.

If you aren’t happy with what you find out about Tax Masters or any other tax resolution company, keep looking. When you feel like giving up remember, the choice you make now affects your future. So choose wisely!

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Is Life Insurance a Sound Investment?

Absolutely Yes. Life insurance is the best Tax Free Retirement investment you can find!

Most investors who invest in the stock market are usually advised by their stock broker and or financial advisor to check their investment choices with their tax advisors. The problem is, most investors never consult with their tax advisor regarding their investment choices which usually results that their investment end up either with big losses on wall street, or with a large tax bill that ends up losing a substantial portion of their principal investment amount.

That is not a good investment decision. If you choose to invest, you want to protect your principal capital and grow it over the years to utilize it in your retirement years when its needed the most, and you want it TAX FREE at retirement!

What do you prefer, tax free retirement investment while protecting your principal, or tax infested investments that looses value throughout the years!

Most people don’t look at life insurance as a tax free investment vehicle. However, it is becoming a popular option among affluent taxpayers, corporations and trusts because it provides the best after-tax returns compared to other investment options.

Life insurance has evolved dramatically in the past few years, there are many great life insurance products that offer superior return on investment, living benefits, protection of principal invested, accumulated cash value, terminal illness benefits, chronic illness benefits and of course death benefits to protect your loved ones.

The easiest way to see what life insurance can and cannot do is to make a simple comparison with other investment options. We make sure that the comparison is fair and that all costs, including tax effects, are analyzed on a year-to-year basis for both the tax free life insurance and the alternative investment. We don’t use investments that have completely different risk profiles; as the comparison results will not be accurate.

If it is properly structured, life insurance can provide the following tax advantages:

• Your heirs will receive the death benefits tax-free.
• The cash values grow tax-deferred and any withdrawals are tax-free until the cumulative investment (in the contract) is recovered.
• A loan from the policy is not taxed as income.
• The death benefit will pay off any outstanding loan balances income tax-free at the time of death. The death proceeds can even be estate tax-free if the policy is owned by an Irrevocable Trust.

A life insurance program can be customized to meet your individual needs and particular objectives. If you are after the tax-advantaged cash value accumulation, you can minimize the life insurance benefit if you wish. In many cases though, the benefit is the most valuable feature since it immediately creates a capital sum at death that cannot be duplicated by any investment.

If you would like to discuss the tax benefits of a life insurance investment, please contact Mike Habib, EA at 1-877-788-2937.

We service all Southern California areas as Los Angeles, Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, Whittier, Beverly Hills, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, Inland Empire, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange County, Newport Beach, Irvine, Santa Ana, Long Beach, Lancaster and other cities in the state of California
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Bigger is NOT Always Better – Just Ask Dissatisfied JK Harris Clients

UPDATED 10/7/2011 #JK #Harris files for bankruptcy protection.

The website of tax representation firm JK Harris boasts hundreds of locations nationwide. The site promises three simple steps to tax relief beginning with a free initial consultation with a JK Harris sales consultant. The company claims to have assisted a quarter of a million people with their tax problems.

Like other companies that specialize in tax relief, JK Harris offers solutions to a number of IRS tax problems including wage garnishment, back taxes, IRS tax liens, tax and bank levy, tax audits, tax settlements, and more. It all sounds good, but how much can you believe?

You could schedule an initial free consultation with a sales consultant then decide based on what was discussed during that meeting. The consultation is free so there really isn’t anything to lose except your time. Plus, the JK Harris website claims you’ll leave feeling relieved that tax resolution is nearer than you think.

But is it really?

Dig a little deeper into the company and you’ll find that not everything is as it appears. A quick Internet search reveals a number of clients who are frustrated by their interactions with JK Harris. Many customers have reported that they made monthly payments to the company but got nothing in return, not even answers to their questions.

Another customer reported receiving an offer of compromise to review and being stunned by what he saw. He noted that almost all of the information contained in his offer to compromise was incorrect, including basic information like telephone and social security numbers.

Several others are furious and want the money they paid JK Harris refunded. A lot of these people made payments in advance, which is always risky. But they had confidence in the tax resolution company and likely never thought they’d end up worse off than when they started. Unfortunately, these people may never get a refund.

What’s the moral of this story?

Back taxes, tax audits, tax levies, IRS tax liens, payroll tax problems, wage garnishment and other tax problems are serious. They’re the kind of problems you usually can’t handle without the help of a reputable company with years of experience in tax negotiation, offer in compromise, and tax settlement tactics. JK Harris is one such company, but it seems JK Harris promises more than it delivers.

Tax resolution is a complicated matter, so never let anyone tell you otherwise. To better protect yourself and increase your chances of a favorable outcome, it’s important to thoroughly research tax relief companies before choosing one.

If those dissatisfied JK Harris customers had done this, they may not have been so quick to choose an IRS tax help company with a lengthy list of customer complaints.

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UPDATED 10/7/2011 #JK #Harris files for bankruptcy protection.

Do you have tax problems? Call the reliable tax help line now at 1-877-78-TAXES [877-788-2937].

We have solutions to tax problems. If you have unfiled tax returns, call the tax help line at 877-788-2937. If you have back taxes, and cannot pay the entire amount due to financial hardships, call us and we will gladly help you. We also can represent you in case of an IRS tax audit, you will not have to face the IRS, we will represent you before all administrative levels of the IRS.

When you call our reliable tax help line, you will always speak with the principal of the firm, Mike Habib EA, so you will not speak to sales representatives like other companies do. Mike Habib will be your power of attorney and will work with you and the IRS to negotiate the lowest and best possible resolution for your tax problem.

Seeking IRS tax help? Call our tax help line at 1-877-788-2937. Taxpayers seeking back taxes help are getting tax relief through different options, negotiated installment agreement is one way to resolve your back tax problem. In this option, we negotiate the lowest payment based on your ability to pay, you will not be in a financial hardship. Other taxpayers seeking back taxes help might qualify for an offer in compromise settlement, this is usually a lump sum amount that is less than what you owe calculated based on your reasonable collection potential. Other taxpayers could get a CNC, currently non collectible, this put their account with the IRS on hold due to their negative cash flow and inability to make any payment towards their back taxes.

Whatever your tax problem is, we offer tax problem help, call for you free consultation.

Our tax helpline is 1-877-788-2937.

Our tax help line serves taxpayers in all 50 states including Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

How to Research Roni Deutch and other Tax Resolution Companies

Today I’m going to teach you a lesson. This lesson uses Roni Deutch as an example of what to look for when you’re in the market for a tax resolution company to help with your tax problems. Personally, I have nothing against Roni Deutch. Like a lot of other companies, Roni Deutch just happens to be in the same business as I am and that business is offering tax relief to individuals and companies who have tax problems including tax audits, unfiled tax returns, wage garnishment issues, payroll tax problems, IRS tax liens and other problems with the IRS.

Get to know the BBB

But that is pretty much where our similarities end. You see, unlike my company which has an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Roni Deutch has a rating of “F”. Now I don’t want to single out this company because during my many years in the tax relief business, I’ve seen a lot of my competitors end up at the bottom of the BBB rating scale. But unlike those tax resolution companies, I’ve been able to keep my business at or near the top of the BBB’s rating scale during those years in business.

Does this mean my business is better than Roni Deutch’s business?
Whether something is better or worse than something else is always a matter of opinion, and I’m not here to judge. What I am here to do is point out all of the information you can find on a tax resolution company before you enter into a contract with that company. Learning everything you can about the companies that offer help for your tax problems may be the single, most important step in the entire tax resolution process. Yet, many people skip this step.

It’s true!

I want people to stop doing this because it’s really not that hard. A lot of the information you can find on practically any company is free, including the information that’s reported by the BBB. And much of the information is reliable, especially information published by the BBB.

Using Roni Deutch again as an example, the BBB reports that 305 complaints have been filed against this tax resolution company. Among the complaints are 84 service issues, 80 issues involving a refund or exchange, 41 customer service issues, 38 contract issues, and more. The BBB also reports that the California Attorney General’s office has filed an action against Roni Deutch, allegedly for making untrue or misleading statements.

With so much valuable information about Roni Deutch and other tax resolution companies available on a single web site, I encourage everyone seeking tax debt relief or IRS tax audit representation, to check the BBB first before proceeding any further.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s lesson!

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Employment and Payroll Tax Audit & Examination:
The IRS announced its plan to audit the first 6,000 employment tax audits and small business will be their audit target. The IRS will start examining 2,000 companies every year over the next 3 years.

The IRS will utilize its audit findings to target a select group of businesses and aggressively audit their payroll tax and refine estimates to close the tax gap. IRS audit agents are specially trained to audit employment and payroll tax for the audited businesses.

Colleges and Universities Tax Audits:
The IRS will audit 400 Colleges and Universities this year. The IRS is looking for unrelated business income to focus its examination at. The IRS suspects that many universities aren’t paying taxes on income from unrelated activities to their tax-exempt status, for example: stadium advertising, gym memberships, and executive pay.

Contractors with unpaid back taxes:
The IRS is cracking down hard on contractors with unpaid back taxes. The current Obama administration is developing new regulations to prevent federal contractors from receiving any government contracts as long as they owe back tax debt. In 2008, procedures were in place to prevent any contractor from bidding on government contacts if they owed $3,000 or more in tax liens and or tax judgments to the IRS.

The Revenue Service is also eyeing projects that use rehabilitation credit. IRS Agents have spotted developers claiming the 20% income tax credit on the cost of renovating certified historic buildings before they have the necessary documentation from the National Park Service to certify that the subject project is in fact historic in nature. The IRS will crack down on developers who are performing Historic structure renovations.

Employers with unpaid FICA on tips:
The IRS is sending out bills to employers such as restaurants and hotels to collect on unpaid FICA on unreported tips using data they collected from form 4137 which employees use to report tip income that they didn’t disclose to their employers. The IRS is sending letters to these employers instructing them to include their calculated amount on their next scheduled payroll deposit. Employers who comply will avoid any penalties and interest on the back taxes. The IRS is also revising the 4137 form to include the employer’s EIN number.

Mike Habib EA actively represents taxpayers in audits and examination before all administrative levels of the IRS. Don’t compromise on your representation, contact us today.

Get your free audit consultation by calling 1-877-788-2937.

IRS Problem Solvers is who you need If you have tax problems, we can help. Millions of American taxpayers are stressed by their tax problems because it’s hard to address it with the IRS on their own. Our firm specializes in tax problem resolution, we represent taxpayers with unpaid back taxes, unfiled tax returns, and we represent the audited taxpayer before all administrative levels of the IRS.

Tax problems are usually complex matters and should be handled by a specialized tax firm, the principal of our firm, Mike Habib is an IRS problem solver, he provides solutions to tax problems and will explain your options and protect your rights. Most taxpayers ignore their tax problems by doing nothing assuming that it will go away by itself, not knowing that the only sure thing about tax problems is that they do not go away!

If you owe back taxes, or have unfiled tax returns, the IRS will send you notices that are hard to understand, but they are serious! I consider the IRS the largest and most aggressive collection agency in the world! You do not want to ignore them anymore, as there are many options to resolve your tax matters and get peace of mind. You should also be informed that the IRS can garnish your wages, levy your bank account, levy your pensions, your savings, your property and even your social security checks.

Contact Mike Habib, your trusted IRS problem solver at 1-877-788-2937.

Haven’t filed your tax returns in years? No worries, we can get your tax documents that are necessary to professionally prepare your delinquent and unfiled tax returns. The IRS states that there are more than 6,000,000 Americans who didn’t file, don’t let the IRS punish you in their own way. If you have not filed past tax returns, you should consider professional help. To avoid criminal charges and/or to add to the civil charges, it is vital to file your tax return even if it is late or if you cannot pay all the taxes owed.

Let us assist you in organizing your tax documents and getting you back in compliance with the tax laws. Our job is to work with the IRS to negotiate a resolution that you can live with and does not cause any financial hardship. Tax problem resolution is a complicated process and you need someone on your side that has the expertise to find the way through the clutter and be an advocate for you.

We provide IRS problem solving in all 50 states including Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

If you have received a wage garnishment notice (IRS Levy) that the IRS is instructing your employer to deduct a big chunk of your paycheck, it clearly means that you have an unpaid back tax debt. And what’s worse is, your employer is required by law to remit a significant portion of each paycheck directly to the IRS to satisfy the garnishment order to pay off your unpaid tax debt.

What amazes me as a tax professional, is that most taxpayers continue ignoring the IRS by not responding to the tax levy, not knowing that the IRS will continue garnishing their paychecks until their tax debt is paid in full with a lot of penalties and interest too.

If you have a tax levy then you need to know that with our firm, you do not have to take on the IRS by yourself, we actually do not recommend self-representation as you do not know the tax laws, your options nor do you know your rights as a taxpayer. We specialize in tax representation and will work with the IRS to negotiate the full or partial release of the wage garnishment, tax levy, if you qualify for tax relief, resulting in saving your paycheck! Depending upon your particular circumstance, we may be able to negotiate an installment agreement so you can pay the IRS a specified dollar amount every month until the tax debt is paid. Once the installment agreement is in force, an offer-in-compromise may be negotiated to settle your entire tax debt, including penalties and interest, for less than the entire tax liability, depending on your individual financial circumstances, each case is different.

Another popular option is to be placed in a “currently non collectible” status, CNC, in which you may not have to make payments to the IRS at all based on your financial hardship, again depending on your individual financial circumstances, each case is different.

Please call us at 1-877-788-2937 to set up a free consultation and to review your options and take the stress out of dealing with an IRS wage garnishment notice.

Relief for homeowners with corrosive drywall. The IRS is allowing individuals with corrosive drywall to apply a safe harbor formula to treat the costs of repairing the defective drywall as a casualty loss. The safe harbor applies for original and amended federal income tax returns filed after Sept. 29, 2010. Reported problems have occurred with certain imported drywall installed in homes between 2001 and 2008. Homeowners have reported blackening or corrosion of copper electrical wiring and copper components of household appliances, as well as the presence of sulfur gas odors. In the case of any individual who pays to repair damage to his personal residence or household appliances that results from corrosive drywall, the IRS won’t challenge his treatment of damage resulting from corrosive drywall as a casualty loss (which might otherwise be difficult to achieve under the regular rules) if the loss is determined and reported under the safe harbor rule. A taxpayer who does not have a pending claim for reimbursement may claim as a loss all unreimbursed amounts paid during the tax year to repair damage to his personal residence and household appliances resulting from corrosive drywall. A taxpayer who has a pending claim (or intends to pursue reimbursement) may claim a loss for 75% of the unreimbursed amount paid during the tax year to repair damage to the taxpayer’s personal residence and household appliances that resulted from corrosive drywall.

Over-the-counter drug costs will no longer be reimbursable. Effective Jan. 1, 2011, unless prescribed or insulin, the cost of over-the-counter medicines cannot be reimbursed from flexible spending arrangements (FSA), health reimbursement arrangements (HRA), Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Archer Medical Savings Accounts (Archer MSA). The IRS has issued guidance explaining that an individual may be reimbursed for over-the counter medicines or drugs, so long as the individual obtains a prescription for the medicines or drugs. It also makes clear that expenses incurred for over-the-counter medicines or drugs purchased without a prescription before Jan. 1, 2011 may be reimbursed tax-free at any time by an employer-provided plan, including an FSA or HRA, under the terms of the employer’s plan.

Simplified per diem rates lowered effective Oct. 1, 2010. Reimbursements of an employee’s business travel costs (lodging, meal and incidental expenses (M&IE)) at a per diem rate are payroll-and income-tax free if simplified substantiation is provided and the daily rate doesn’t exceed the federal per diem rate (the maximum amount that the federal government reimburses its employees) for the locality of travel for that day. While the per diem rates vary by travel destination, employers can make reimbursements at the simplified “high-low” per diem rates, which assign one per diem rate to high-cost areas within the continental U.S., and another to non-high-cost areas. The IRS has issued the “high-low” simplified per diem rates for post-Sept. 30, 2010, travel. An employer may reimburse up to $233 for high-cost localities ($168 for lodging and $65 for M&IE) and $160 for other localities ($108 for lodging and $52 for M&IE). The list of high-cost areas is also updated.