Tax Relief Attorney: specialist in tax relief resolution

Most taxpayers assume that they need a tax attorney or a tax lawyer to respond to an IRS notice or letter. Taxpayers with tax problems should consider EAs (Enrolled Agents) who specialize in tax relief and tax problem resolution.

Looking for a tax relief attorney? Our firm is headed by Mike Habib, he is an EA who specializes in tax relief and can resolve your tax problems such as releasing tax levies, stopping wage garnishments, IRS audit representation, 941 payroll tax matters, etc. Tax attorneys and criminal lawyers should be considered by the taxpayers facing criminal charges. The vast majority of tax problems in need of tax relief are civil matters, and our firm can represent you before all administrative levels of the IRS. You will need a tax criminal attorney if you’ve been visited by a criminal or special agent.

Tax resolution requires specialized knowledge and tax controversy experience. Most tax professionals can prepare your tax returns, but when it comes to being challenged by the IRS regarding an IRS tax audit or an unpaid back tax balance, you do not want your regular CPA tax preparer, you need an experienced tax relief representative who has the skill set to really help you resolve your specific tax matter and get you the tax relief you qualify for.

Talking about tax relief attorneys, I also suggest that you do not hire a company that advertises “pennies on the dollar”, most of these companies are F rated by the BBB better business bureau, and chances are you will never speak to an actual licensed tax representative who is licensed to represent you as per IRS circular 230, only EAs, CPAs and attorneys could represent you before the IRS and be your power of attorney.

While we’re addressing tax relief attorneys, and EAs, if an IRS revenue officer or an IRS revenue agent contacts you regarding your IRS tax matter, please do not talk to them. They will be friendly and start with general questions, but they are trained to protect the IRS, not you. You should be courteous to them and simply ask them for their business card and tell them that you cannot talk to them; however you will have your tax representative contact them accordingly. You can then call us at 1-877-788-2937 for a free and confidential consultation regarding your tax situation; you will always speak to Mike Habib, the licensed EA who will actually be your power of attorney. Mike will evaluate your case and provide you his opinion, you have options and rights, do not compromise on your representation.

Now that you know more about tax relief attorneys, and tax relief EAs, if you owe the IRS back taxes and you are in a financial hardship, you should not be pressured by the IRS to pay them if you cannot afford it! The IRS has various resolution programs that they might not volunteer the solutions to you, they accept monthly installments as low as $25/Mo, they accept partial pay agreements, they settle large tax debt for possibly less based on your RCP-reasonable collection potential, they would abate tax penalties for reasonable cause. So you do not have to face the IRS by yourself, let us take the burden off your shoulder.

Get tax relief and tax resolution today at 1-877-78-TAXES (1-877-788-2937).

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