Unfiled Tax Returns – Get It Done

Unfiled Tax Returns – Get It Done

Did you know that every year many people and businesses face the gavel just because they haven’t filed their taxes? Though you may plead not guilty, the IRS doesn’t think so. In its eyes every person who hasn’t filed their taxes is an offender even though the perspective is different from the person’s view. It isn’t uncommon that every year people and businesses fail to file their tax returns. Sometimes it’s due to ignorance, sometimes not enough information, sometimes to escape it. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, people and businesses are being heavily penalized just because of their unfiled tax returns.

Well, you can’t just sit back and let fate do its work!! Can you? Though you might want to brush it off, BEWARE!! You might be prosecuted for your unfiled tax returns. You may have to face minimum 1 year prison sentence for each unfiled tax year and a fine up to a $25,000. Though this is just a possibility, there are far worse consequences you may have to face for unfiled tax returns like:
1. Penalties: One of the consequences you may have to face for unfiled tax returns is penalties. The IRS may impose a stiff “failure to file” penalty along interest charges.
2. Loss of refund: If you have an unfiled tax returns over three years, you might not receive a tax refund you are due.
3. Statutes of limitation: The statute of Limitations to claim a refund expires because of unfiled tax returns.
4. EITC. Unfiled tax returns will also result in losing your entitled Earned Income Tax Credit.

However, you can avert this situation. You can heave a sigh of relief with Mike Habib at your side. Filing your tax return with the help of Mike Habib will help get your refund, if any, and will help avoid serious tax problems in the long run. Know that preparing and filing a tax return is not an easy job. It involves tedious work. It involves piles of complicated forms and documents that are both confusing and time-consuming. Because of this, many people turn to Mike Habib to file their unfiled tax returns on their behalf.
Mike Habib, an IRS licensed Enrolled Agent, has been relentlessly working with people and businesses by helping them out with their unfiled tax returns. He has been concentrating and handling their unfiled tax returns. All you need to do is call him up and leave the rest to him, he will even obtain all the necessary tax documents such as W2’s, 1099’s, 1098, etc from the IRS so you do not have to dig for them. You can also ask for a free initial consultation where he will explain the pros and cons of unfiled tax returns. Mike Habib has been handling his client’s unfiled tax returns case personally and that too with success. And if you think you can’t make it in person, no worries, with email and fax, even local clients do not have to make office visits.

Now, we understand that you may have a question or two for us. Well then, don’t hesitate. Just give us a call or email us at your own time and we will be there for you.

DON’T FORGET!! Your IRS unfiled tax returns problem will not go away unless you take some action!!

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