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Taxpayer Rights Power of Attorney – Representing individuals and businesses before the IRS

Tax representation by a tax lawyer for IRS audits and back tax settlements

Did the IRS claim that you did not report all your income? Did they disallow some of your expenses or deductions? Have you been audited, and the bank deposits were more than what you reported in sales and revenue? The IRS would generally recompute your taxes, and add stiff penalties and interest as well. You will learn about representation by tax lawyers and more as you keep reading on.

Did you receive an IRS or state tax lien notice, letter, postcard or phone call?

If you were being represented by a power of attorney, tax lawyer, CPA or an EA enrolled agent, your representative would have been able to explain to the IRS that not every deposit is income. Many taxpayers transfer funds from credit lines to meet urgent expenses, others obtain loans to pay accounts payable. So, to sum, not every deposit should be income to be taxed on. Only tax lawyers, CPAs, EAs can represent you before the IRS.

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Many companies advertise “heavily” on the radio, TV and the internet promising that they can resolve and settle any and all tax problems for pennies on the dollar or get you an 80-90% reduction.

BEWARE! I highly caution you to NOT call these advertisers.

Here is why you should not be ripped off by these unscrupulous companies, https://www.myirstaxrelief.com/files/tax_negotiation.pdf

What you need is an actual tax firm or law firm that specializes in tax representation. If any attorney states that ONLY lawyers could represent you before the IRS, beware and avoid this lawyer. You can be represented by Enrolled Agents (Tax experts, federally licensed and regulated by IRS directly), CPAs licensed by their respective states, or lawyers as licensed by their respective states.

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It is crucial for your business that you hire a tax professional in order to get proper assistance with your tax audit. Mike Habib EA, the right tax professional, will be able to help you protect and generate more money for your business. Professional tax audit assistance can help you all year long, advising and giving you tips regarding any tax problems. When you have the right help, you will be relieved from stress throughout the year. However, finding a right tax audit help can be a little difficult. Read on to understand how you can find professional tax audit help suitable for your business needs.

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BBB accredited business


Every year we add new clients to our firm, usually the client is looking for a change because their taxman, tax preparer, bookkeeper, CPA (Certified Public Accountant) or EA (Enrolled Agent), has retired, or passed away, or sold their practice or just need a more attention and better one-on-one tax advice.

If your taxman, tax preparer, bookkeeper, CPA or EA, is no longer meeting your needs, we provide a complimentary 15 minutes to get to know our tax firm. Our clients enjoy working with our boutique tax firm for these main reasons:

  1. Clients always deal with Mike Habib directly, the principal of the firm,
  2. Clients trust our A+ Better Business Bureau rating, and our firm’s endorsement by financial guru Former Dave Ramsey ELP 2012-2019,
  3. Clients get outstanding service and specialized tax knowledge and expert advice.

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Tax Return Preparation
For your tax returns, you want a professional tax firm EA or CPA firm you know you can rely on their tax expertise. Our tax professionals will make sure your federal and state income tax returns, business tax returns and trust and estate tax returns are prepared right from the get go. Our specialized boutique tax firm is trusted by dentists, doctors, lawyers, investors, executives and other professionals and high net-worth individuals. Individuals and businesses from all walks of life have been relying on our firm for quality tax preparation, representation and planning for many years.

Serving Long Beach, Lakewood, Los Alamitos, Seal Beach, California

IRS – FTB – CDTFA – BOE – EDD Tax Help

We are A+ accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.

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About 1.1% of taxpayers are selected for a tax audit each year. The IRS examines tax returns to verify that the tax reported is correct. Some of those people are selected randomly, others have items on their returns which raise a red flag and trigger the audit. Whichever category you fall into, you should know your rights, know what to expect, and know that you are entitled to be represented by a tax professional that can assist you with every aspect of the audit.

Upon receiving a letter informing you of the audit, you’ll be required to phone within 10 days to acknowledge the letter and schedule an appointment. It’s important that you do this in a timely fashion. Within the letter, or during that call, you will be advised on what items are being called into question. Depending upon your ability to obtain the supporting documentation, you will make an appointment with the IRS auditing agent. You may choose to have representation before you make that appointment, because a tax specialist will advise you of the time frame you’ll need to prepare for the meeting and in most cases you do not have to appear, your representative, power of attorney, would handle the audit for you.

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If you work in the entertainment industry you know that it has its share of advantages, but it can get tricky at tax time. Depending upon your role – whether you are an entertainer or involved in one of the many other aspects of the industry – you know how busy your schedule gets and how complex your income and expense records can be. The IRS still requires you to file your income tax returns on time, and accurately.

In all probability your return isn’t quite as straightforward as someone who works at a corporation, goes to the same job every day, and gets a weekly or monthly check with all of the taxes taken and accounted for. That’s why it’s even more important to get the right kind of help during tax season; for some entertainers, it may also be advisable to get guidance throughout the year due to the complexity of transactions for income, expenses, and investments particular to this industry.

Don’t compromise on your tax representation!

A tax professional with experience in the entertainment industry can provide you with the best advice.

Our tax firm led by Mike Habib, EA, handles various tax aspects for clients in the Entertainment Industry, for a free confidential consultation, call us today at 877-788-2937.

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Continued from our prior blog post.

The Most Common IRS Red Flags that could trigger a Tax Audit:

16. Claiming 100% business use of a vehicle – When you depreciate a car, you have to list on IRS Form 4562 of what percentage of its use during the year that you claim (testify on a Federal form by your signature) was for business. Claiming 100% business use of an automobile, especially if you have no other vehicles available for use, can be a red flag; so being conservative here is advisable.

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No one really wants to be audited by the IRS. It’s time consuming, and quite frankly, a headache. You’ve probably wondered at some point who gets audited and why, as well as how you can avoid it. While there is no fool-proof way to avoid an audit; however, there are ways to reduce your chances.

The IRS audits slightly more than 1% of all individual tax returns each year because they do not have the resources and personnel to examine more than that. They do, however, look to audit the returns that are more likely to uncover overstated deductions, unreported income, false claims, or taxpayers that haven’t filed tax returns in a while.

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Our firm prides itself for providing various tax services to many Union members. Services such as:

Tax preparation service: we will professionally prepare your federal and state tax returns,
Tax planning: we will work with you to legally strategize and minimize your tax liability,
Tax problems: we will represent you and resolve any unpaid tax debt, or release tax levies such as wage garnishments, bank levies, unfiled back taxes, offer in compromise, and or affordable payment plans,
IRS audit representation: do not face the IRS on your own, we can represent you without you appearing,
Estate & Fiduciary tax: we can prepare and plan your estate and fiduciary tax matter.

For Nationwide Union member call 877-788-2937. Free tax consultation.

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