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In March 2010, President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (the “Affordable Care Act”) into law. While some provisions of the ACA have already gone into effect, a number of new provisions are scheduled to take effect January 1, 2014.

Although we do not intend this newsletter to be the answer-all to the ACA, we thought this would be a good time to look at some of the provisions that might affect you.

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Two events must occur before the IRS may begin collections activity:

• First, the tax must be assessed and due. The tax may be shown on a tax return showing a balance due, an audit closing agreement, an audit deficiency that was not contested, an SFR substitute for return filed by IRS or a Tax Court judgment.

• Second, the IRS must give the taxpayer a Notice of Tax Due and Demand for Payment, which will request payment within 10 days. The notice is usually mailed to the taxpayer. Generally, if the taxpayer does not respond and the liability is for individual income taxes and the liability is small, the IRS will send a series of notices and attempt to make telephone contact with the taxpayer.

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Do you owe 941 employment and payroll back taxes?

The answer is:

Yes the IRS take a lien out on property for payroll taxes.

Under IRC §6321, the federal government can encumber property with a general tax lien. Generally, this lien can be used to encumber any property that the taxpayer owns (this is generally determined under state law). A tax lien will be imposed on a taxpayer when he neglects or fails to pay taxes after demand by the government.

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The IRS may seize all property and rights to property (except for exempt property), whether the property is real or personal, tangible or intangible, belonging to any taxpayer who neglects or refuses to pay back taxes, or any property on which there is a tax lien for payment of any tax.

Get professional IRS representation. Our firm represents taxpayers before all administrative levels of the IRS.

Please call us at 1-877-788-2937 or email us to schedule an appointment.

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Do you owe the IRS unpaid back taxes? Have they sent you many letters but you did not respond?

There are still options.

CDP – Collection due process.

If the time to respond to an IRS collection notice has passed, you, the taxpayer, or your power of attorney / representative, may file a request for an equivalent hearing if you failed to make a timely request for a Collection Due Process (CDP) hearing (after receiving a Notice and Opportunity for Hearing upon Filing of Notice of a Federal Tax Lien or a Notice and Opportunity for Hearing Prior to Levy). The equivalent hearing will be held by the Appeals Office and will follow the procedures that are used for CDP hearings.

Get professional IRS representation. Our firm represents taxpayers before all administrative levels of the IRS.

Please call us at 562-204-6700 or email us to schedule an appointment.

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Identity thieves are very clever. They not only steal credit cards and drain bank accounts; in 2011, the Internal Revenue Service reported the number of fraudulent tax returns associated with identity theft at 940,000 returns, resulting in $6.5 billion in associated fraudulent refunds – according to J. Russell George, head of the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA). It is big business for the thieves and it’s a huge headache for the taxpayers whose identities have been stolen.

Identity theft refers to someone obtaining another person’s personal details, to commit fraud or other crimes. This includes the use of a name and Social Security number not belonging to the fraudster.

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What do tax lawyers charge as far as cost and fees?

When taxpayers are faced with tax problems such as unpaid back taxes or IRS audits, they usually seek the help of a tax attorney. Taxpayers have the right to be represented by a licensed and IRS approved representative, known as POA or power of attorney. Representation fees vary widely by various firms.

Our firm mostly offers flat fee engagements.

Call us today at 1-877-78-TAXES [1-877-788-2937].

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No one really wants to get themselves into the situation of owing back taxes. Unfortunately, it happens; and it happens most often when people are going through a difficult time including facing unemployment, life and relationship changes, and even medical problems. The present state of the economy certainly isn’t making it easier. However, the Internal Revenue Service recently launched the Fresh Start program to give taxpayers relief – if they are willing to get compliant by filing all of their taxes, and work with the agency to resolve their back tax debt to the extent they are able.

Get back tax help now by calling us at 1-877-78-TAXES [1-877-788-2937].

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Our firm prides itself for providing various tax services to many Union members. Services such as:

Tax preparation service: we will professionally prepare your federal and state tax returns,
Tax planning: we will work with you to legally strategize and minimize your tax liability,
Tax problems: we will represent you and resolve any unpaid tax debt, or release tax levies such as wage garnishments, bank levies, unfiled back taxes, offer in compromise, and or affordable payment plans,
IRS audit representation: do not face the IRS on your own, we can represent you without you appearing,
Estate & Fiduciary tax: we can prepare and plan your estate and fiduciary tax matter.

For Nationwide Union member call 1-877-78-TAXES [1-877-788-2937]. Free tax consultation.

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If you haven’t paid back taxes, penalties, or interest – you may be able to work with us to apply for an Offer in Compromise (OIC) with the IRS in order to get compliant, alleviate your issues with the IRS collectors, and move forward. An OIC is an agreement to settle your tax liabilities for less than the full amount owed. The good news is that it may be easier than you think. In the spring of 2012 the IRS modified their offer in compromise guidelines, in an effort to work with struggling taxpayers, making it much more favorable to the taxpayer.

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Client Reviews
Mike has given us peace of mind! He helped negotiate down a large balance and get us on a payment plan that we can afford with no worries! The stress of dealing with the IRS is huge and Mike helped us through it all. The peace of mind is invaluable, thank you Mike!April S.
Mike Habib - Thank you for being so professional and honest and taking care of my brothers IRS situation. We are so relieved it is over and the offer in compromise process went just as you said. Mike is very professional and will give you honest answers to the OIC process and you can really trust him. You won't be sorry you chose him!Joe and Deborah V.
Mike is a true professional. He really came thru for me and my business. Dealing with the IRS is very scary. I'm a small business person who works hard and Mike helped me see that they are not that scary after all. He was always there with the answers I needed and was very good about calling me back which I appreciated since your first reaction is to freak out and ask a million questions. He solved a messy case and worked very hard to resolve it. His rates are VERY reasonable for the amount of work he does! I give him my highest recommendation!Marcie R.
Mike was incredibly responsive to my IRS issues. Once I decided to go with him (after interviewing numerous other tax professionals), he got on the phone with the IRS immediately (as in the same day I signed with him) to squash an impending issue. And he worked directly with them to quickly come to a resolution I am very happy with. I'd highly recommend reaching out to Mike to see if he can help you with any IRS issues. I'm very satisfied!Marshall W.
I’ve seen and heard plenty of commercials on TV and radio for businesses offering tax help. I did my research on many of them only to discover numerous complaints and unresolved tax issues. I found Mike Habib through my own online search and contacted him. He was very professional with great communication, always answering my questions and concerns. Mike resolved my complicated tax problem just as he said he would. I would definitely recommend his services to family and friends.Nancy & Sal V.

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